Behind The Lens: Episode 146

Another exciting week on BEHIND THE LENS as we explore two of my favorite genres – the western and a hybrid fantasy/sci-fi love story – thanks to special guest, writer/director JARED MOSHE, plus an exclusive interview with creature creator/sculptor MIKE HILL.

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Tentacle Porn, tastiest body part debate, The Happening discussion, & the family that electrocutes together, stays together.

Episode 113: The Jungle Book

Feelin' Film / #113

This episode marks the first of a two-part crossover event celebrating the classic Rudyard Kipling tale, The Jungle Book. We’ve brought in the guys from the Retro Rewind Podcast, Francisco Ruiz and Paul Powers, to talk about Jon Favreau’s 2016 live-action/CGI update of the 1967 animated Disney feature, and we’ll be covering the latter on Retro Rewind Podcast together as well. 

Halloween (2018) Trailer Review

The new Halloween movie trailer dropped today and host Ricky has some thoughts…

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Who says you need a script to make a fun 80’s horror movie? We’re joined by Kenley Eaglestone, a Chicago-based writer, comedian, and self-proclaimed lesbian-femme-queen, discuss everything Dream Master.

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The Screen Addicts have been channel surfing and noticed a lot of returning television series. It made us wonder what shows we feel like should have another go at it!

Episode 28: The Films of Cannon Home Entertainment

Join host/Producer Alfred Crane as he chats with co hosts Jonathan Moody and Donnie Sturges about The Films of Cannon Home Entertainment.