Episode 114: Incredibles 2

It took us two tries but our second attempt succeeded in producing Episode 114: Incredibles

Episode 84: The Incredibles 2/ HEREDITARY

Strap in for a long and “painful” episode! Since we were gone last week, we decided to cover The Incredibles 2 and HEREDITARY. Feel free to skip the beginning of […]

Connecting With Classics 006: Bringing Up Baby

For this month’s pick, we took the opportunity to discuss a film about a paleontologist

Behind the Lens: Show# 166

An emotionally charged episode of BEHIND THE LENS covering two hot-button topics as we welcome writer/director JON KEAN talking about his latest documentary, the powerful and powerfully moving and insightful AFTER AUSCHWITZ, and BENJAMIN NOLOT talking the […]

Episode 82: Deadpool 2

This week the boys covered Deadpool 2, tune in to find out our thoughts.

Deadpool has recruited the Screen Addicts for the ...

Since we didn’t succeed as X-Men trainees, we have decided to do what we do best. And that is talk about movies, much like this week, where we review Deadpool 2.

Episode 80: BARRY

This week the boys decided to review HBO’S new show BARRY. 

Episode 78: Super Troopers 2

This week The boys revisited the world of the Vermont Highway Patrol. Check out the episode to hear our thoughts

Behind the Lens: Show# 162

A whole lotta love, a whole lotta fun, and an insightful look into our collective political past through personal tragedy.  There’s something for everyone on this episode of BEHIND THE LENS thanks to special guests ASHLEY BELL, TONY VIDAL, JAKE THOMAS, and our exclusive pre-recorded interview with JOHN CURRAN.

Episode 77: Blockers

This week the boys blocked the conversation with our thoughts on Blockers 

Minisode 38: Crazy, Stupid, Love

In February we tasked our Patrons with choosing a romantic comedy for us to talk about in honor of Valentine’s Day and by a runaway vote, Crazy, Stupid, Love came out on top. We weren’t surprised, but we are thrilled because this resulted in one of our best conversations yet. We hope you enjoy this conversation!

Behind the Lens: Show# 161

It’s a breath of fresh air on this episode of BEHIND THE LENS as we welcome in the springtime with PAT MILLS, writer/director of the new indie comedy DON’T TALK TO IRENE, plus […]