IFH 229: From Indie Films to Directing a Hollywood...

From Indie Films to Directing a Hollywood Icon with Adam Rifkin Today’s guest is Adam Rifkin. Adam Rifkin is a Writer/Director whose eclectic career ranges from family comedies to thought-provoking indies to cult classics. Most recently, Rifkin Wrote and Directed , a poignant drama starring screen legend, Burt Reynolds, Ariel Winter and Chevy Chase.

BPS 004: How to Sell Your Screenplay with Ashley S...

How to Sell Your Screenplay with Ashley Scott Meyers Today’s guest is screenwriter/podcaster Ashley Scott Meyers from Sellingyourscreenplay.com. Ashley is a working screenwriter in Hollywood. He also spends his time running a popular screenwriting blog and podcast. His focus is on helping you sell your screenplay.

BPS 001: What Makes a Good Screenplay with John Tr...

Today’s guest blew my mind on his approach to storytelling and screenwriting. John Truby is one of Hollywood’s premier screenwriting instructor and story consultant.Over the last 25 years, more than 50,000 people have attended his sold-out seminars around the world, with the American Film Institute declaring that his “course allows a writer to succeed in the fiercely competitive climate of Hollywood.”

Episode 73: Isle of Dogs (犬の島)

This week the boys decided to howl about the newest addition to the Wes Anderson library. There may be some sleight spoilez before we get to that point, so please WATCH THIS MOVIE!!!

IFH 228: How to Deal with Residuals & Paying ...

Have you ever had to deal with paying out investors, guilds, unions, residuals, and producers from the revenue your film makes? Today’s guest is David Zannoni of Fintage House, does just that but on a global scale. David helps you, the producer, ALL the rights for your film globally.

HH Ep. 30: Insane Asylum

ASYLUMS! Dee & Patti interview Noah, a Shaker’s employee, and talk to him about his experience with spirits. We are also joined by a special guest, Leah, Patti’s sister! We talk about Dead Girl, Gothika, House on Haunted Hill, The Ward, and Session 9. We talk about the many famous insane asylums throughout history including Waverly Hills, Trans-Allegheny, Pennhurst Asylum, and The Byberry Mental Hospital.

Episode 19: Boy Meets World

Join Jonathan Moody and producer Alfred Crane as they chat with special guest Rick Weaver (Down To Movie) about the TGIF TV Series, “Boy Meets World.”

Tales from the Darkside “I loathe Zuni aest...

1990’s Tales from the Darkside is a star studded, gory, ghastly and great anthology horror film, with Stephen King being represented again, as well as Arthur Conan Doyle. Julianne Moore […]

Sonny Carl Davis Solo

Join host Jonathan Moody and co host Lara Jean as they chat with actor Sonny Carl Davis (Thelma and Louise, Evil Bong 777)

Music City Horror Episode 15

The legendary Dee Wallace stops by for an exclusive interview. We discuss her most famous roles, including The Hills Have Eyes, The Howling, Cujo and of course, ET. We also dive into her current roles in Death House, as well as the breaking news of her returning to work with Rob Zombie on 3 From Hell.

Episode 54: DF4Q with Mylissa Fitzsimmons

What is DF4Q?  It’s the Discover Film Four Questions.

Name your favorite film of all time (limit 3)
Name a film you think is underrated
Name a film you think is overrated
Name a lesser-known film that you think people should seek out
Mylissa Fitzsimmons is super-talented and super-cool.  She won the Audience Award at Film Invasion Los Angeles for her short film That Party That One Night.  Click here to see it.

And after you’ve seen it, you should be able to spot her nod to her favorite film in it.

Episode 72: Infinity War Trailer/Thoroughbreds

With a week off and new lease on life for one of us, the boys decided to really just catch up a little and cover Thoroughbreds.