Cube Zero w/ Guest Eric Hunter

Eric Hunter joins the crunchy crew as we wrap up our cube retrospective with Cube Zero. Will all of our questions finally be answered?

Episode 80: BARRY

This week the boys decided to review HBO’S new show BARRY. 

The Screen Addicts present the 2018 Summer Movie P...

On ep. 102, we present our 3rd Annual Summer Movie Preview filled with all of the intrigue, excitement and astonishing thrills you would come to expect from the Screen Addicts. Save us a seat to some of these summer popcorn flicks.

Episode 25: Step By Step

Jonathan Moody hosts this episode with producer Alfred Crane about the hit TGIF show… Step by Step! 

Halloween 2 “I shot him six times!”

Halloween 2 “I Shot Him Six Times!” Starting our round of sequels is 1981’s Halloween 2, notable for starting the EXACT second the first one ends and finishing up Michael’s […]

HH S2EP1: I Am Legend

Welcome to Season 2! This month we’ll be diving into The Apocalypse. We begin with I Am Legend, we play the horror version of “Would You Rather,” answer voicemail questions, and talk about upcoming horror films.

Episode 108: The Karate Kid

Here in Episode 108, we try to strike fast, strike hard, and show no mercy

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Star Wars Holiday Special

On this very special Cinema Toast Crunchcast, we sit back and do our very first LIVE commentary. Make sure to sync up our commentary with The Star Wars Holiday Special, found here:

Minisode 041: Grave of the Fireflies/Mary and the ...

In this special minisode, we kick-off Patrick’s “Summer of Anime” movie challenge by confronting the

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Episode 79: Infinity War

This week the boys went over Infinity War, a film 10 years in the making.

The Screen Addicts are fighting their way through ...

On ep. 101, we go digging for some infinity stones, so that we can properly review this past weekend’s box office hit, Avengers: Infinity War. Spoilers are abound as we give our insights, favorite moments, surprising twists and our predictions for where the sequel may be taking us.

Connecting With Classics 004: Shane

For this departing month of April, we are pleased to present you a conversation about

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