Episode 9: Star Wars The Last Jedi

Join host Donnie Sturges and co host Jonathan Moody as they chat with Producer Sierra Holmes and guests Paul Kelley and Alfred Crane talking about Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Friday the 13th “It’s got a death curs...

Sean S. Cunningham’s horror classic Friday the 13th influence on the horror genre cannot be exaggerated. Often imitated but never duplicated (not even by any of its own sequels), the […]

Mars Con 2018 Interview: Michael Thompson

Jonathan Moody speaks to author Michael Thompson about his book, “World of the Orb”

Solo Thursday: Meghan Deanna Smith

Join host Jonathan Moody and co host Lara Jean Mummert as they chat with actress Meghan Deanna Smith (#FromJennifer) about her acting career

Behind the Lens: Show# 149

BEHIND THE LENS goes global with this week’s guests, STEVEN ALLERICK and VIVIENNE DeCOURCY! In-studio to help kick off the new year and our fourth year of BEHIND THE LENS, actor STEVEN ALLERICK is […]

The Screen Addicts present Ep. 86 The Best of 2017...

The Screen Addicts have been major couch potatoes as we rank our favorite television shows we watched last year. We welcome you to turn on your TV’s and join us for our two-part special

Episode 63: Death Wish

This week the boys chase a death wish. TIME STAMPS Crazy Famous available for Pre-Order on iTunes WATCHED: 3:25 NEWS: 17:30 TRAILERS: 31:50 NON-SPOILERS: 43:21 SPOILERS: 58:46 If you want […]

Episode 8: From The Room To The Disaster Artist

Happy New Year… This week’s episode of Hollywood Blvd Podcast host Jonathan Moody and co host Donnie Sturges talk to Leza Cantoral (Get Lit With Leza) about The Room and The Disaster Artist

House “It’s me! The grocery boy!”...

Made by horror movie royalty – story by Fred Dekker, produced by Sean S. Cunningham and directed by Steve Miner, this film is a special effects delight, with lots of […]

Frights Friday: Chad Knauer/Richard “Rico...

For Frights Friday this week Jonathan and co host Lara Jean Mummert have Chad Knauer and Richard Bauthier on the show. Chad is the writer and director of the upcoming B movie Skeleton Cop. Richard plays Detective Nolan

Solo Thursday: Alix Lakehurst

Let us welcome the new year with a new type of show…. Solo Thursdays:  Every Thursday Night at 11:30 PM EST Jonathan Moody will be interviewing artistic people. This episode […]

Throwback Thursday Episode 7: Larry Kenney

Jon chatted with voice actor Larry Kenney… the voice of Lion-O From Thundercats, Sonny the Coo Coo Bird, and many many others back in December of 2007