IFH 227: How to Make Money with YouTube with Chris...

Today’s guest is a bonafide Youtube Guru. Chris has not only created one but two massive Youtube Channels. His first was with his wife called Hilah’s Cooking which has close to 400,000 users and launched books, speaking engagements, Food Network appearances and much more.

Episode 53: Mylissa Fitzsimmons

In 2017, Filmmaker Mylissa Fitzsimmons won the Audience Award at Film Invasion Los Angeles for her short film That Party That One Night. 

Behind the Lens: Show# 159

Just say “YES” to this episode of BEHIND THE LENS as we welcome three special guests, directors BLAIR FOSTER and NED EHRBAR, plus fellow film critic, JOEL AMOS.

Episode 52: DF4Q with Mikhael Bassilli

What is DF4Q?  It’s the Discover Film Four Questions.

Name your favorite film of all time (limit 3)
Name a film you think is underrated
Name a film you think is overrated
Name a lesser-known film that you think people should seek out

IFH 226: The NO Bullsh*t Guide to Making Your Indi...

Have you ever been in a place where nothing is going right creatively? Do you ever feel like you are standing in your own way? Me too. Today’s guest is author Jeff Leisawitz who wrote Not F*ing Around— the No Bullsh*t Guide for Getting Your…

Cat’s Eye “Play it faster!”

A triple dose of Stephen King 1985’s Cat’s Eye continues our look into the sub-genre of anthology horror, with three grisly tales for the price of one, united by a […]

Behind the Lens: Show# 158

It’s a journey into the making of a musical fantasy/rock opera on BEHIND THE LENS with special guest LUKE SHIROCK talking about his new film, TOMMY BATTLES THE SILVER SEA DRAGON, while JOHANNES ROBERTS talks horror in our exclusive interview on THE STRANGERS: PREY AT NIGHT.

The Screen Addicts are playing Matchmaker in Ep. 9...

The Screen Addicts are all back together just in time to pair up the actor and actress duos we would like to see in an Action/Adventure film. For our “Indie Flick Fix” we take a quick Louisiana swamp tour and review the newest entry in the ‘Hatchet’ series ‘Victor Crowley’

Episode 18: The Nightmare on Elm Street Series

1,2 Hollywood BLVD Podcast is coming for you… join co hosts Donnie Sturges, Jonathan Moody, and producer Alfred Crane as they chat about the Nightmare on Elm Street Series

Episode 51: Mikhael Bassilli

If I was to use one word for filmmaker Mikhael Bassilli it would be industrious.  Just wait until you hear his story.

Jackson Barr/Craig Hamann

Join host Jonathan Moody and Co Host Lara Jean Mummert as they chat with writer Jackson Barr (Robot Wars, Mandroid) and Craig Hamann (Boogie Boy, Dollman VS Demonic Toys) 

IFH 225: How to Shoot a Feature Film in 24 Hours w...

Imagine shooting an entire feature film in 24 hours. How could you do something like that and not make it a bad stage play? Today’s guest was not only able to do that but made a damn good film in the process. Ivan Malekin and his partner Sarah Jayne directed the feature film Friends, Foes & Fireworks in just one night (24 hours). Here’s some info on the film.