Hell Night “These quaaludes are murder on my...

It starts out as just a good old fashioned sorority & fraternity hazing ritual of spending the night inside the infamous Garth Manor where hideous murders occurred and where some […]

Dead Calm “Try to stay calm”

When your film has only three characters, you know that those three actors are going to be giving some intense performances, and Dead Calm doesn’t disappoint. Sam Neill, Nicole Kidman […]

Hellraiser “Jesus wept”

Clive Barker’s feature film debut has “Clive Barker” written all over it, and that’s why Hellraiser works so well – it’s one man’s vision to marry gore and sex, repulsion […]

Arachnophobia “Not the chateau!”

Frank Marshall’s directorial debut is a big budget ode to low budget monster movies and is a thrill ride for spider haters everywhere. Terrific performances by Jeff Daniels and John […]

Music City Horror Episode 18

We discuss new things dropping in July, Lana has fun facts and summer survival skins, and we discuss the best and worst summer horror flicks!

Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare w/ Guest ...

Adam Marcus joins the crunchy crew to take a look at the not so celebrated nightmare sequel, Freddy’s Dead.

Episode 84: The Incredibles 2/ HEREDITARY

Strap in for a long and “painful” episode! Since we were gone last week, we decided to cover The Incredibles 2 and HEREDITARY. Feel free to skip the beginning of […]

Ghoulies “Toadboy needs sweet meat for his t...

Little monsters indeed. This film is a confusing mess, but hey! At least there’s a ghoulie on the VHS cover coming out of a toilet wearing suspenders!* (*no actual ghoulie […]


Seizure porn, best friend ear infections, spraying bug spray into children’s eyes, The Ruins, and Michael Myers/JLC orgies. We also unveil our new website, www.horrorhoespodcast.com

A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child w/ Gu...

It’s a BOY! In part 5 of the nightmare retro we have returning guest Jason Dill. We look at what is called the final chapter int the dream trilogy, and […]

The Gate “Demons aren’t going to ring ...

This flick boasts the film debut of Stephen Dorff, special effects that are outta site, and a bitchin’ best friend, Terry, who just loves him some satanic Canadian thrash metal. […]

HH S2 EP5: The Happening

Tentacle Porn, tastiest body part debate, The Happening discussion, & the family that electrocutes together, stays together.