Rosemary’s Baby “Witches! All of them ...

Rosemary’s Baby This is the scariest movie Marion has ever seen. When it comes to an atmosphere of claustrophobia, ain’t nobody got nuthin’ on Roman Polanski’s 1968 horror classic, Rosemary’s […]

Music City Horror Episode 3

We discuss new releases, Friday the 13th, local happenings for the Halloween season and our guilty pleasures!

Catherine Corcoran Solo

Join host Jonathan Moody and co host Kara Riann Brown as they chat with actress Catherine Corcoran (Return to Nuke Em High, Chuck)

Episode 17, Witches: Do You Wanna Talk About Tortu...

Listen to our first October witch episode, where we talk about some background information and history of witches!

Night of the Living Dead “They Are Coming To...

Horror legend George Romero single handedly kicked off the zombie genre with his 1968’s tour de force, Night of the Living Dead.

Allie Rivera/Bryan Brewer

Join host Jonathan Moody and co host Kara Riann Brown as they chat with actors/filmmakers Allie Rivera and Bryan Brewer (The Wake, The Raking) of Lesson 1 Entertainment

Episode 16: Werewolves and Patti’s Underworl...

Werewolves, cocktails, new video game releases, and real life werewolf tales!

Music City Horror Episode 2

We discuss some of the latest releases, discuss our favorite Halloween traditions, and give shoutouts to some other podcasts we love!

IFH 186: How to Make a Killer Horror Film in One L...

How to Make a Killer Horror Film in One Location with Michael Williams If you have a micro or no budget feature film shooting in one location will make life […]

The Changeling “My Medal”

When your main character is someone as tough as George C. Scott, you know your ghost better be bringing his A game. And so he does in this based on a true story, light on gore but heavy on atmosphere flick from 1980.

Music City Horror Episode 1

We introduce ourselves and discuss IT, as well as the resurgence of horror.

Rudon Brannon solo

Join co hosts Jonathan Moody and Kara Brown as they chat with actor Rudon Brannon (Cobragator) Play in new window | Download