Suspiria “Do you know anything about witches...

Dario Argento’s 1977 cinematic sensory assault Suspiria is a giallo classic for a reason – the iconic score, the instantly recognizable color scheme, the bright red gore – this film […]

HH Ep. 31: H.H. Holmes

Michelle, a Shaker’s Cigar Bar tour guide, joins us on her birthday to talk about her paranormal experiences and the life of H.H. Holmes. H.H. Holmes was America’s first known serial killer. We talk about his torture devices and his murder castle in Chicago. Going forward, the Horror Hoes will be changing the format to allow for more listener interaction. This concludes Season 1. Stay tuned for Season 2, coming to you at the end of April!

Nightmares “I am the Bishop of Battle”

Rounding out our horror anthology series, Nightmares is definitely the least seen of the bunch. It features 4 stories, and features not only a juuust pre Repo Man Emilio Estevez […]

The Fifth Year Anniversary- Ted Nicolaou/Dustin Hu...

Join hosts Jonathan Moody and Lara Jean as they chat with filmmakers Ted Nicolaou (Subspecies, Terrorvision) and Dustin Hubbard (Lycanimator, Slaughter Daughter) for the last episode of the season and the fifth year anniversary episode

Tristan Clay/Doug Snauffer

Join co hosts Jonathan Moody and Lara Jean as they chat with filmmaker Tristan Clay (Red Eye, Inverted) and writer Doug Snauffer (Withouse 2: Blood Coven, Fiendish Fables)

HH Ep. 30: Insane Asylum

ASYLUMS! Dee & Patti interview Noah, a Shaker’s employee, and talk to him about his experience with spirits. We are also joined by a special guest, Leah, Patti’s sister! We talk about Dead Girl, Gothika, House on Haunted Hill, The Ward, and Session 9. We talk about the many famous insane asylums throughout history including Waverly Hills, Trans-Allegheny, Pennhurst Asylum, and The Byberry Mental Hospital.

Tales from the Darkside “I loathe Zuni aest...

1990’s Tales from the Darkside is a star studded, gory, ghastly and great anthology horror film, with Stephen King being represented again, as well as Arthur Conan Doyle. Julianne Moore […]

Sonny Carl Davis Solo

Join host Jonathan Moody and co host Lara JeanĀ as they chat with actor Sonny Carl Davis (Thelma and Louise, Evil Bong 777)

Music City Horror Episode 15

The legendary Dee Wallace stops by for an exclusive interview. We discuss her most famous roles, including The Hills Have Eyes, The Howling, Cujo and of course, ET. We also dive into her current roles in Death House, as well as the breaking news of her returning to work with Rob Zombie on 3 From Hell.

A Nightmare On Elm Street W/ Special Guest Silvia ...

We embark on another retrospective movie quest. This time we are looking for nightmares. WE are deep diving into the movies starring the crispy king of dreamland, Freddy Krueger! That’s right, A Nightmare on Elm Street.

The Screen Addicts are playing Matchmaker in Ep. 9...

The Screen Addicts are all back together just in time to pair up the actor and actress duos we would like to see in an Action/Adventure film. For our “Indie Flick Fix” we take a quick Louisiana swamp tour and review the newest entry in the ‘Hatchet’ series ‘Victor Crowley’

Cat’s Eye “Play it faster!”

A triple dose of Stephen King 1985’s Cat’s Eye continues our look into the sub-genre of anthology horror, with three grisly tales for the price of one, united by a […]