Pet Sematary “Sometimes dead is better.̶...

Stephen King adaptations don’t get much better than Mary Lambert’s 1989 flick, Pet Sematary. Ghastly ghosts, zombie cats, terrifying secret sisters and a toddler doing damage with a scalpel, this […]

Todd Nunes/Ashley Mary Nunes

Join Host Jonathan Moody and special guest co host Lara Jean Mummert as they chat with filmmaker Todd Nunes (All through the House, Death Ward 13) and Actress Ashley Mary […]

Music City Horror Episode 6

We discuss new things, our Halloween costumes and then praise the king of horror, Stephen King.

HH Ep. 20: Witches Pt. 3: Practical Magic Soulmate...

Part 3 of our witches series where we talk about November video game releases, The Craft, Practical Magic, Hocus Pocus, Charmed, and various witch movies and television shows while drinking […]

Halloween “It’s Halloween. Everyone is...

Halloween – What better movie to watch on Halloween than…Halloween! Yes, a little on the nose, but it just fits so perfectly, how can you not? John Carpenter’s 1978 slasher […]

Serena Lorien/Gregory Blair

Join host Jonathan A Moody and co host Kara Riann as they chat with actress Serena Lorien (Dark Ascension, House of Manson) and Actor Gregory Blair (Garden House Party Massacre, […]

Music City Horror Episode 5

New releases, David S Pumpkins, Roman Reigns, dreamy guys and sub genres of horror!

Interview with Bob Weiss – Shaker’s Ci...

Patti & Dee interviewed Bob Weiss, owner of Hangman Tours and the haunted Shaker’s Cigar Bar! We highly recommend checking out all of their tours which include The Cream City […]

HH Ep. 19: My Friend Swallowed a Bottlecap Last Ni...

Join Dee for a minisode where she talks about Shaker’s Cigar Bar, Milwaukee’s only licensed cigar bar, The Hill Has Eyes Haunted House right outside of Milwaukee, and a Halloween […]

Texas Chainsaw Massacre “My family’s a...

This is the scariest movie Julia has ever seen

Berna Roberts/Nick Hunt/Lara Jean Mummert

Join Host Jonathan Moody and special guest co host Lara Jean Mummert as they chat with actress Berna Roberts and filmmaker Nick Hunt.

Music City Horror Episode 4

We discuss a big list of new releases, and dive in to our favorite reboots and remakes!