Bonus Episode 1

We recently interviewed Anne Heit, one of the stars of the independent horror movie Anykah, in this bonus episode.

The People Under the Stairs “Run, fool!̶...

Written and directed by Wes Craven, this film is an exercise in surface normality hiding a wealth of perversion and violence, brought to you by Everett McGill and Wendy Robie! […]

Jimmy Dempster/Jeffrey S. Farley

Join host Jonathan Moody and co host Lara Jean Mummert as they chat with actor Jimmy Dempster (One night of fear, Fury of the Dragon) and special FX Make up Guru Jeff Farley (Pet Sematary, Demolition Man)

Episode 13 (Warts and All)

We tried a new recording technique, and it didn’t turn out exactly correct. We will return to our normal method next time.

Ep. 28: The Conjuring

Dee, Patti & special guest Ben talk about the Conjuring series, Ed & Lorraine Warren, and the upcoming Doctor Sleep film.

Jaws “Amity means friendship”

Steven Spielberg changed summer movie going (and ocean swimming) forever with his 1975 blockbuster, starring Roy Scheider, Richard Dreyfuss and Robert Shaw. A notoriously horrific shoot somehow was transformed into […]

Ep. 27: Killer Clowns

CLOWNS, CLOWNS, CLOWNS! Dee & Patti talk famous killer clowns, killer clown movies, and John Wayne Gacy – a killer clown from Illinois who murdered more than 33 young boys and men and buried them in his crawl space from 1972 – 1978.

Pumpkinhead (1988) “Nothing can call it off....

Stan Winston’s directorial debut is a grim fairy tale involving a bitchin’ vengeance demon (come on, it’s Stan Winston! You KNOW the monster effects will rock) and Lance Henricksen! This […]

Frights Friday Samantha Katelyn/Jenny Jannetty

Join host Jonathan Moody as he chats with actresses Samantha Katelyn (Ghost Witch/The Hollow Oak) and Jenny Jannetty (Milfs VS Zombies, Darkness Waits) about acting 

Solo Thursday: Rachel Amanda Bryant

Join host Jonathan Moody and co host Lara Jean Mummert as they chat with actress Rachel Amanda Bryant (The Campus, The Disappearance of Madison Bishop) about her film and TV career

Bram Stoker’s Dracula “CanapĂ© Dr. Sew...

Francis Ford Coppola uses every camera trick in the director’s book for this lush, opulent, sexy version of Dracula – and if Gary Oldman as Dracula doesn’t lure you in […]

Music City Horror Episode 12

We bring you new releases and then dive into the topic of women in horror. We also have a special guest host, the lovely Diana Prince!