HH Ep. 12: Vampires

Today we talk about vampire films, real vampire cases, and choose our vampire names!

Sadie Tate/Kara Riann Brown

Join host Jonathan Moody as he chats with actresses Sadie Tate (Space Babes From Outer Space, Guarding Evil) and Kara Riann Brown (Hayride, Cobragator) http://www.blogtalkradio.com/frightsoftheroundtable/2017/08/15/sadie-tatekara-riann-brown.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | […]

Jacob’s Ladder “New York is Hell”...

Julia and Marion chat about Adrian Lyne’s 1990 psychological mind buster Jacob’s Ladder. Be prepared for much Tim Robbins and Danny Aiello love….and lots of demons.

Tony Brown/ Jade LaFont

Join host Jonathan Moody as he chats with actors Tony Brown and Jade LaFont (The Amityville Legacy, Dark Shade Creek 3: Trail to Hell, House of Spirits) http://www.blogtalkradio.com/frightsoftheroundtable/2017/08/08/tony-brown-jade-lafont.mp3Podcast: Play in […]

Dead Alive “Tu madre se comió mi perro.R...

Marion and Julia talk about Peter Jackson’s insane 1992 splatstick flick, Dead Alive. More gore – and more laughs – than you can shake a (bloody) stick at, this film […]

Lara Jean Mummert/Hunter Johnson

Join host Jonathan Moody as he chats with actor/Filmmakers Lara Jean Mummert and Hunter Johnson  (2 Jennifer, Serena Waits) http://www.blogtalkradio.com/frightsoftheroundtable/2017/08/01/lara-jean-mummerthunter-johnson.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download

HH Ep. 11: Cannibals

Join us for Episode 11: Cannibals, where we share gruesome tales of real life cannibals, review movie plots such as We Are What We Are, Cannibal Holocaust, Silence of the Lambs, and The Green Inferno!

The Exorcist “The Power of Christ Compels Yo...

The power of Christ compels you…to listen to this episode where Julia and Marion delve into the 1973 extreme horror classic, The Exorcist. Beautifully written, shot and acted, and scary […]

HH Ep. 10: Cults

On Episode 10: Cults, Dee & Patti talk about freaky cults in pop culture, such as Charles Manson’s “The Family,” Jim Jones’ “Peoples Temple” and “Heaven’s Gate.” The movies we cover are The Invitation, The Sacrament, The House of the Devil, and The Village.

Final Exam “Mmmm…..Shades of Watergate...

Join Marion and Julia as they discuss the little seen 1981 horror flick, Final Exam, which not only involves one of the greatest horror characters ever written (Radish ROCKS) but […]

Interview with David Briggs – Northern Frigh...

The Horror Hoes talk with David Briggs of The Northern Frights Festival!!

HH Ep. 9: Ghosts

Like scary ghost stories!? Don’t miss this episode!! Dee & Patti talk about their own personal REAL LIFE ghost stories, chat about their favorite ghost films, give a book review of “Elementals” and review the video game “Fatal Frame.”