Bram Stoker’s Dracula “Canapé Dr. Sew...

Francis Ford Coppola uses every camera trick in the director’s book for this lush, opulent, sexy version of Dracula – and if Gary Oldman as Dracula doesn’t lure you in […]

Music City Horror Episode 12

We bring you new releases and then dive into the topic of women in horror. We also have a special guest host, the lovely Diana Prince!

HH Ep. 26: Parody Horror

Patti & Dee talk about their favorite parody horror films along with a special guest! Patti describes her experience in the Shaker’s Cellar where she saw the leg of an apparent spirit, and we talk about upcoming HH events.

In The Mouth of Madness “I am not insane!...

John Carpenter’s little seen 1994 flick In the Mouth of Madness stars everyone’s favorite Sam Neill as a insurance agent drawn into a mind melting Lovercraftian horror courtesy of the […]

Solo Thursday: Jonathan A Moody

On our second Solo Thursday… Actress Lara Jean Mummert hosts an interview with filmmaker/actor Jonathan A Moody

Child’s Play “This is the end, friend....

Tom Holland’s 1988 film is the beginning of another iconic horror franchise – everyone’s favorite serial killer possessed Good Guy doll – Chucky! Gore factor of 2 Buckets of Blood. […]

Jack ‘Saint’ Hunter

Join host Jonathan Moody and co host Lara Jean Mummert as they chat with filmmaker Jack ‘Saint’ Hunter (Paranoia Tapes)

HH Ep. 25: Shaker’s Cigar Bar Cellar: Patti ...

AN EPISODE YOU DO NOT WANT TO SKIP! We interview Bob Weiss, owner of Shaker’s Cigar Bar and Hangman Tours in the Shaker’s Cellar where Patti sees a shadow foot – all caught on audio! We experiment with dowsing rods, listen to Bob’s unsettling, frightening experiences at Shaker’s, and talk about upcoming Shaker’s events!

Psycho “Let’s all talk about Marion, s...

Psycho is known as Hitchcock’s masterpiece for a reason – the film is flawless. From outstanding opening title sequences to brilliant camerawork, from breath taking performances to iconic shower scenes […]

Music City Horror Episode 11

On this week’s episode of Music City Horror, we discuss movies and tv shows we are most looking forward to in 2018.

HH Ep. 24: Shaker’s Ghost Hunt

Dee & Patti describe their recent stay at the Shaker’s Cigar Bar haunted penthouse in Milwaukee where they interviewed patrons with paranormal experiences.

Friday the 13th “It’s got a death curs...

Sean S. Cunningham’s horror classic Friday the 13th influence on the horror genre cannot be exaggerated. Often imitated but never duplicated (not even by any of its own sequels), the […]