Music City Horror Episode 10

Our 2017 year end review!

Episode 61: Black Christmas VS Silent Night Deadly...

Since┬áthe boys and I took off for Christmas this week we didn’t leave you with out a gift. We did our monthly VS episode over which Christmas horror flick was […]

Merry Scary Christmas

Merry Christmas from Horror Movie Survival Guide. We made a mini-episode where we talk about Christmas horror flix we love, and some we hate. Thanks for listening and have a […]

The Independent Coroner Episode 3- Amazon Prime Mo...

On today’s Independent Coroner Jonathan reviews 4 movies he recommends you check out for yourself on Amazon Prime. “Camp Blood 666” “#FromJennifer” “Victimized” and “The Fast and the fierce”

The Frighteners “My body is a roadmap of pai...

Peter Jackson having fun – and who doesn’t love that?

Victoria De Mare/James L Edwards/Blake Fitzpatrick

Join host Jonathan Moody and co host for the night Lara Jean Mummert as they chat with actress Victoria De Mare, actor/director James L Edwards, and filmmaker Blake Fitzpatrick

Music City Horror Episode 9

We interview the lovely Linnea Quigley and discuss new releases.

Waxwork “They’ll make a movie about an...

A fun romp with a great mid 80’s cast – including Zach Galligan, Deborah Foreman, David Warner and John Rhys Davies – this film is like several genre films all […]

HH Ep. 23: Killer Food, My Favorite Food is Gum!

Dee & Patti talk about the delicious food that kills you including people who ate themselves to death, mushrooms, berries, hot dogs, seeds, and some Thanksgiving murders. Play in […]

Sid Haig

Join host Jonathan Moody and co host Kara Riann as they chat with actor Sid Haig (The Devil’s Rejects, Kill Bill Vol 2) about his film career!

American Werewolf in London (1981) “See you ...

John Landis’ 1981 rock em sock em balls out werewolf flick is the standard to which all other werewolf films are set. The perfect blend of horror and comedy, with […]

Music City Horror Episode 8

We discuss some new and upcoming releases and then dive into the world of Stranger Things. Spoilers ahead!