Episode 29: The Last Starfighter

Join us for the second to last episode of the season as Donnie Sturges runs the show with co host Jonathan Moody and Producer Alfred Crane as they chat about […]

Behind the Lens: Show# 164

It’s that time! Time again for the TCM CLASSIC FILM FESTIVAL and to help get everyone in the mood (as if anyone needs to be in the mood for classic […]

Episode 22: The Twilight Zone

Join host Jonathan Moody, co host Donnie Sturges, and Producer Alfred Crane as they chat about the hit anthology series The Twilight Zone

Behind the Lens: Show# 156

Dysfunction, hypochondria, and comedy are the watchwords for this episode of BEHIND THE LENS as we talk live with MICHELE REMSEN, MATT PORTER, and MAX AZULAY.


This week the boys got heady with Alex Garland’s newest film Annihilation.

Episode 44: DF4Q with Ché Baker

What is DF4Q? It’s the Discover Film Four Questions.

Name your favorite film of all time (limit 3)
Name a film you think is underrated
Name a film you think is overrated
Name a lesser-known film that you think people should seek out

Episode 69: Black Panther

This week the boys brought some friends to talk a little/ a lot about Marvel’s latest installment Black Panther. TIME STAMPS WATCHED: 5:06 NEWS: 36:24 TRAILERS: 57:17 NON-SPOILERS: 1:08:26 SPOILERS: […]

Episode 39: DF4Q with Jean-Marie Marbach

Jean-Marie Marbach is a Paris-based filmmaker who won the Grand Jury Prize for Music Video at Film Invasion L.A in 2017.  I was blown away by his vision and could not […]

Episode 38: Jean-Marie Marbach

At Film Invasion Los Angeles in 2017, Fiebre en la Disco won the Grand Jury Prize for Music Video.  It might be a music video, but from the first time I saw it I knew that I was actually watching a visionary short film. 

Episode 11- The Films of the DC Universe

Tonight on Hollywood BLVD Podcast. Hosts Donnie Sturges and Jonathan Moody chat about the Films of the DC Universe. We have a possible surprise guest joining us.

Episode 10: The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Join host Jonathan Moody and co host Donnie Sturges as they chat with guest Danny Terry about the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Episode 9: Star Wars The Last Jedi

Join host Donnie Sturges and co host Jonathan Moody as they chat with Producer Sierra Holmes and guests Paul Kelley and Alfred Crane talking about Star Wars: The Last Jedi