Behind the Lens

Episode #139

October 17th, 2017 / 1:0054

It’s another big week on BEHIND THE LENS with in-studio guest, author CHARLES WEST McNULTY, plus author/screenwriter SIDDHARTH KARA calls in live.

Author/screenwriter/filmmaker and newspaper publisher, CHARLES WEST McNULTY is on hand for the hour to talk about his new book, a collection of limericks, not to mention his other various projects in development and already out in the world.  You may even find yourself thinking back on your days of elementary creative writing as Charlie gives us a lesson on the construct and history of limericks plus engaging discussion on the value and appreciation of the printed page versus 140 characters online.

At the midpoint of the show we welcome SIDDHARTH KARA. A Harvard Fellow, Siddharth is a leading expert on human trafficking and contemporary slavery, having published numerous books and lectured extensively on the subject. He now enters the world of filmmaking as screenwriter for director Will Wallace’s new film, TRAFFICKED, starring Ashley Judd, Patrick Duffy and Anne Archer. Adapted by Siddharth from his book “Sex Trafficking”, TRAFFICKED recently had its premiere at the United Nations before releasing in a nationwide rollout in theatres this week. The film follows the stories of three young women from America, Nigeria and India who are forced into the world of not only human trafficking, but organ, gun and drugs, where they eventually land in a Texas brothel as sex slaves.  During our conversation, Siddharth takes us on his journey from 17 years of research on the subject to book publication to the process of adaptation for the screen, as well as providing a wealth of information on the issue of trafficking and how the public can get involved to end it.  And just because you’re a Harvard Fellow doesn’t mean that filmmaking comes easy, something which Siddharth discovered with this new venture and learning curve. 

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