Behind the Lens

Episode #140

October 24th, 2017 / 1:03:53

It’s another exciting BEHIND THE LENS this week as we welcome writer/director DAVID BURKMAN, plus, hear film critic debbie elias’ exclusive interview with cinematographer ED LACHMAN.

In his first feature outing, DAVID BURKMAN tackles the Greek system of the college world with HAZE. A “fictional” work structured much like the story of Dionysus in “The Bacchae” by Euripedes, Burkman’s approach is hard-charging and at times no-holds-barred shocking but at the same time eye-opening on issues that face us not only on the college campus but within human nature.  Filmmakers will appreciate hearing about the logistic challenges David faced as a first-time feature filmmaker over 90 days of shooting during the course of 18 months, as well as score (complete with intonations of ancient Greek melodies and performance by reconstructed ancient instruments), lensing, and with over 300 hours of footage in hand – editing.

But first, take a listen to our exclusive interview with cinematographer ED LACHMAN talking about his latest film, the magical and wondrous WONDERSTRUCKWonderstruck Movie). One of the most unique films of this or any other year, adapted by Brian Selznick from his best-selling novel, director Todd Haynes and Lachman bring the worlds of 1927 and 1977 to life through cinematic techniques and image styles of the respective eras, always focusing on the storytelling. And as always with Ed, it’s a fascinating interview, filled with plenty of tech talk for the cinematographers and directors listening.

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