Behind the Lens

Episode #147

December 13th, 2017 / 1:03:02

Another exciting week on BEHIND THE LENS as we explore two of my favorite genres – the western and a hybrid fantasy/sci-fi love story – thanks to special guest, writer/director JARED MOSHE, plus an exclusive interview with creature creator/sculptor MIKE HILL.

First up is our exclusive interview with creature creator MIKE HILL talking the now Golden Globe-nominated masterpiece from Guillermo del ToroTHE SHAPE OF WATER!  Get Mike’s insight into working with Guillermo and executing his vision as he discusses practical production considerations, aesthetics, and integrating those factors with the telling and advancement of the story.  Learn something about silicon versus foam latex, epoxy paints, color color and more color, designing for Dan Lausten’s lighting and water as well as working with water, fish lips, and more.

At the midpoint of the show writer/director JARED MOSHE is live talking his new film, THE BALLAD OF LEFTY BROWN.  An avowed lover of the American western, LEFTY BROWN follows on the heels of his freshman feature, “Dead Man’s Burden”, as Jared goes back to the Old West, this time with Bill PullmanPeter Fonda and Tommy Flanagan.  Embracing all of the cinematic and storytelling elements of John Ford, Bill Wellman, Howard Hawks, Raoul Walsh, John Sturges, and more, listen as Jared candidly speaks about his love of the genre and defining characters by morals and a man’s “code”.  With a backdrop of glorious cinematic vistas, gunfights, and Bill Pullman in an award-worthy turn as the title character, we talk not only about casting and character arcs, but the technical aspects of the production, including location, POV, shooting 35mm with natural light, score, and more.

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