Behind the Lens

Episode #150

January 16th, 2018 / 1:03:19

We’ve got the cream of the crop and the pick of the litter this week on BEHIND THE LENS thanks to our guests SANTINO PANICO, DANA NACHMAN, and DON HARDY.

First up is SANTINO PANICO. Sports fans may know Santino best from his days as an All-American on the gridiron or most recently as a marathon runner, but what few may know is that Santino proves himself to be an accomplished storyteller and filmmaker with the documentary, FROM THE GROUND UP. Focusing on his journey from meat eating football player to a marathoning vegan, on this freshman directorial journey, Santino opens our eyes into a world of “plant-based” eating.  Hear the passion and enthusiasm in Santino’s voice as he talks about not only the whats and whys of plant-based eating but the whats and whys and hows of real grassrootsfilmmaking from self-financing to corraling interview subjects to editing to licensing/clearances (a real testament to Santino’s conviction in making this documentary is his patience in obtaining clearance from the NFL).

But get ready for cuteness at the mid point of the show when we welcome DANA NACHMAN and DON HARDY as they talk about their latest documentary PICK OF THE LITTER. Many may know Dana and Don best from their documentary BATKID BEGINS, but once you see PICK OF THE LITTER, tongues will be wagging with praise as they take us on the journey of five precious puppies in training for Guide Dogs for the Blind.  Directors and cinematographers will appreciate hearing Don talk about camera selection and jury-rigging gear and shooting puppy POV, while both expound on the process of working with Guide Dogs for the Blind, shooting schedulesover a two year time period, logistics of multi-city locations, editing, and more.

And while we had to cut short our exclusive interview clip of composer Alexandre Desplat talking THE SHAPE OF WATER last week, we’ve got it for you now in full.

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