Behind the Lens

Episode #153

February 10th, 2018 / 1:02:22

It’s a mighty tasty BEHIND THE LENS this week thanks to our special guests, director JAY SILVERMAN and writer/director ETHAN WARREN.

But before you hear from our directors, how about taking a trip to Wakanda as we go behind-the-scenes of the BLACK PANTHER.  In this pre-recorded exclusive interview, take a listen to BLACK PANTHER production designer HANNAH BEACHLERas she talks about creating Wakanda, the importance and use of color, and designing large set pieces while maintaining an intimacy of storytelling.

It’s lip-smacking goodness tempting your cinematic taste buds as director JAY SILVERMAN talks about his new filmOFF THE MENU. A perfect date night movie for Valentine’s Day (February 14, in case you’ve forgotten), not only is OFF THE MENUbeautifully cinematic, it is a glorious showcase for all the foodies out there.   Listenas Jay covers everything on the cinematic menu from taking on directorial duties to cinematography to casting to location scouting and, of course, working with food as a visual and emotional centerpiece.  And here’s a tidbit for you – this is the first director I’ve spoken with over the past 30 years who was fortunate enough to have the owner of a location, plow and plant an entire chili field just for the film, and have the weather cooperate with vibrant growth!

And then playwright ETHAN WARREN joins us live talking about his new film WEST OF HER. His freshman outing as writer/director, Ethan’s journey in the making of WEST OF HER mirrors much of the film’s tone as well as helping create the experiences we see unfold on screen.  You’ll enjoy hearing Ethan talk about the importance of collaboration and working with with cinematographer Cameron Bryson in capturing the beauteous imagery of the western United States, including the Rocky Mountains and the Midwest Plains, as well as the magic of editor Mark Cira’s work.

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