Behind the Lens

Episode #157

March 6th, 2018 / 01:02:48

Who ya gonna call on for a day of legends on BEHIND THE LENS? How about DICK CAVETT, RAY PARKER JR, and FRAN STRINE for starters!

Truly a legendary BEHIND THE LENS, RAY PARKER JR and director FRAN STRINE are first up as they talk about their latest venture – WHO YOU GONNA CALL? – a documentary on the life of Ray Parker Jr. Starting up a friendship during the making of Fran’s acclaimed documentary “Hired Gun”, it was all of Ray’s anecdotes and history that made Fran realize then that Ray Parker Jr needed a full feature in order to document and share his story with the world. Always a joy to have Fran Strine on BTLRadioShow, he’s back and this time has Ray with him as they announce and talk about the launch of their crowdfunding campaign on INDIEGOGO for WHO YOU GONNA CALL? – which starts at midnight on Tuesday, March 6, 2018. One listen to these two and you’ll be in stitches and not only want to see this documentary made, but jump on INDIEGOGO ( and donate to the seed money campaign. Filmmakers will appreciate Fran’s love for Kodak who are helping out so the documentary can be shot on film while Ray is a pure delight talking about teaching Stevie Wonder to drive, sleeping with the light on, and his fear of ( *GASP* ) ghosties and things that go bump in the night!

And although we could talk with Fran and Ray all day, we bid them adieu to make room for legendary interviewer and talk show host, DICK CAVETT. With a career spanning five decades, the 11 time Emmy nominee and three-time winner, is on hand to talk about his new documentary – ALI & CAVETT: THE TALE OF THE TAPES – which has a debut screening on March 11th at SXSW. Talking about a friendship that developed over the years and spanned decades, Dick gives us just a hint of the casual ease that not only made him a renowned interviewer, but how he became friends with Muhammad Ali, and what you can expect to learn in the documentary. While the documentary itself is a “must see”, listening to Dick Cavett on BTLRadio Show is a “must listen.” Anecdotes abound, as does some serious discussion about Ali’s place and influence in the world, and Dick’s heartfelt words on the loss of Ali. And classic films will thoroughly enjoy hearing Dick Cavett talk about (and imitate) Katharine Hepburn as we delve into some sidebars beyond the documentary.

But before hearing from our very special guests, how about some clips of what Spirit Award winners Jordan Peele, Allison Janney and Agnes Varda had to say in the press tent following their Spirit Award wins on Saturday!

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