Behind the Lens

Episode #160

April 11th, 2018 / 1:01:41

Listen now to a sweet-smelling potpourri of cinematic delights on this episode of BEHIND THE LENS thanks to our special guest, actor JOHN T. WOODS, and exclusive interviews with MAX WINKLER & ZOEY DEUTCH talking FLOWER, while GREG SESTERO fills us in on his new film with Tommy Wiseau, BEST F(R)IENDS.  (Unfortunately, we ran out of time for our interview with IMELDA STAUNTON, but you’ll hear that interview in the coming weeks.)

First up, hear GREG SESTERO go in-depth as the talks about his new film, BEST F(R)IENDS.  Written by Greg and starring himself and Tommy Wiseau, Greg’s passion for storytelling and filmmaking are evident thanks to very thoughtful and genuine conversation and analysis of his own work.  Talking about character and story development, you’ll appreciate Greg’s considerations for details both within story and visuals.  And many may be surprised to hear what Greg has to say as he reflects on his involvement in the cult classic, THE ROOM.

Then you’ll get a touch of the camaraderie and collaborative efforts of writer/director MAX WINKLER and actor ZOEY DEUTCH with an excerpt of our exclusive interview talking about FLOWER.  Focusing on the film’s cinematography with Max speaking to it as a director and Zoey discussing it from the point of view as an actor provides interesting insight for all.

But get ready for our special guest, veteran actor JOHN T. WOODS who joins us at the midpoint of the show.  One of our favorite conversations to date on #BTLRadioShow, John talks not only about the craft and his new film DEAD BULLET, but his trajectory as an actor, considerations and decisions, and stepping into the diversity now afforded him as a leading man in multiple genres.

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