Behind the Lens

Episode #162

April 24th, 2018 / 1:02:03

A whole lotta love, a whole lotta fun, and an insightful look into our collective political past through personal tragedy.  There’s something for everyone on this episode of BEHIND THE LENS thanks to special guests ASHLEY BELLTONY VIDALJAKE THOMAS, and our exclusive pre-recorded interview with JOHN CURRAN.

Five years ago I spoke with actress ASHLEY BELL about her latest film at the time, “The Marine: Homefront”.  During that conversation, she revealed she had entered a new phase in her career, that of director, and spoke about her first directorial project – LOVE & BANANAS: AN ELEPHANT STORY.  It’s been a long road, but LOVE & BANANAS is now making its way into theatres and beyond.  Hear the passion in Ashley’s voice as she talks about not only her directorial journey, but that of the Noi Na – a 70-year old partially blind elephant who is being taken from a life of bondage on a 500-mile trek to Elephant Nature Park with renowned Asian Elephant conservationist Lek Chailert.  While Ashley talks about the directorial learning curve and bringing this documentary to life (not to mention the experience if having elephant dung on her face), it’s easy to hear that there is no learning curve at all when it comes to Ashley Bell and her love of the Asian Elephants.   (LOVE & ELEPHANTShas its West Coast Premiere on April 20 as the opening night feature for the 2018 Earth Focus Environmental Film Festival, followed by a theatrical roll-out.)

At the midpoint of the show hear TONY VIDAL and JAKE THOMAS talk about the perfect end of Spring Break-look forward to Winter Break film – BAJA.  A fun-filled entertaining romp down the Baja Coast, listen as writer/director TONY VIDAL talks about everything from casting chemistry, location selection,  script development, and cinematography, while JAKE THOMAS, one of the film’s stars talks not only about the fun of BAJA, but his own transition from child star on “Lizzie McGuire” to adult actor.  (BAJA opens in theatres April 13!)

But before we get to Ashley, Tony and Jake, take a listen to our pre-recorded exclusive interview with director JOHN CURRAN as he talks about the untold true story of Ted Kennedy and CHAPPAQUIDDICK.

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