Behind the Lens

Episode #164

May 21st, 2018 / 64:35

It’s that time! Time again for the TCM CLASSIC FILM FESTIVAL and to help get everyone in the mood (as if anyone needs to be in the mood for classic film!), BEHIND THE LENS welcomes back some of our fave classic film mavens – AURORA DESMOND (@CitizenScreen ) ,  KELLEE PRATT  (@IrishJayhawk66 ) , and KRISTEN LOPEZ  (@Journeys_Film ) – for our annual pre-festival show!  Always one of my fave shows of the year when this crew joins me, we’re talking the overall fest, specific films and recommendations (nitrate, nitrate, nitrate!), special festival guests and events, plus always helpful hints from the festival veterans on navigating the movie madness!  Some great tips from Aurora who is already on the ground in Hollywood scoping out the area, where to eat and run or sit and dine from all the gals, plus some special tips from Kristen on considerations for getting around for the mobility impaired or disabled.  TCM CLASSIC FILM FESTIVAL runs April 26-29 in Hollywood!

But before we get to the ladies and TCM CLASSIC FILM FESTIVAL, we’re talking about a future classic – AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR!  Take a listen to some excerptsfrom the AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR press conference over the weekend, presided over by none other than The Grandmaster of  Sakaar himself, JEFF GOLDBLUM, and hear what Tom Hiddleston had to say in answer to our question:  “Who is your favorite character in the MCU and why?”

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