Behind the Lens

Episode #141

October 31st, 2017 / 1:03:29

BEHIND THE LENS is so “bad” it’s good as we celebrate BAD GRANDMAS with special guests, actor RANDALL BATINKOFF and director SRIKANT CHELLAPPA.  BAD GRANDMAS stars Batinkoff, Judge Reinhold, Pam Grier and Florence Henderson in her final film role, and let me tell you, Florence Henderson is about as far from Carol Brady as you can get in BAD GRANDMAS!  Not only listen to Srikant talk about the making of BAD GRANDMAS from idea to casting and cinematography, but Randall delights with warm – and hilarious – remembrances of the filming.  Adding a bit more to the mix, Randall and Srikant – each now a first time director (Randall directed and starred in “37”) – talk about lessons learned as first-timers.

But before we get to Randall and Srikant and BAD GRANDMAS, the hammer hurls with excerpts of film critic debbie elias’ exclusive interview with THOR: RAGNAROKscreenwriter, ERIC PEARSON, talking about we the film’s humor and the brotherhood of Thor and Loki.



Randall Batkinkoff and BEHIND THE LENS are giving away 37 DVD’s of RANDALL BATINKOFF’s directorial debut feature film – 37, starring Randall,  Scottie Thompson, Scott Wolf and Bruce Davison!

A real treat for listeners, Randall surprised us all when he offered up a giveaway of his film!  And it’s easy to win!  You can either (1) go to Facebook and “like” BEHIND THE LENS and post “Randall 37” or (2) go to Twitter and follow BTLRADIOSHOW or MOVIESHARKD and post “Randall 37”.  The first 37 people win a copy of Randall’s film!  And we pay shipping!

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