Horror Movie Survival Guide

Episode #51

July 3rd, 2018 / 35:02

Clive Barker’s feature film debut has “Clive Barker” written all over it, and that’s why Hellraiser works so well – it’s one man’s vision to marry gore and sex, repulsion and glamour. The story is fresh and unashamed of its perversity, Ashely Laurence shines in her first movie role as Kirsty, a bad ass Final Girl up there in the ranks – I mean, she’s fighting demons (or angels?) from hell and she holds her own. An all around top score of 5’s from us means that this film ROCKS.

5s all around!

Hellraiser earned 5 Buckets of Blood.

Julia, Marion, and special guest, Teri Gamble gave Hellraiser 5 Chainsaws.

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