Horror Movie Survival Guide

Episode #15

October 23rd, 2017 / 38:42

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

This is the scariest movie Julia has ever seen

Tobe Hooper’s mind blowing 1974 flick, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, is for the hardcore horror hounds only. Raw, gritty and really messed up, this film takes horror to a whole other level. The first time Marion and Julia watched this film, they came out on the other side completely shell shocked – and with terrible headaches for holding their bodies so tensely for the entire film.

The gore on this one is 5 Buckets of Blood. You might need more than one barf bag.

Julia gives this movie 5 Chainsaws. This is the scariest movie she has ever seen. (She would probably give it more if the scale allowed. Not to mention, this film inspired the Chainsaw rating system.)

Marion gives this movie 4 1/2  5 Chainsaws. We will never know whether Marion would go back and give this film a 4 1/2 Chainsaws instead of the 5 because she will never watch it again.


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