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Episode 166

Behind the Lens: Show# 166

An emotionally charged episode of BEHIND THE LENS covering two hot-button topics as we welcome writer/director JON KEAN talking about his latest documentary, the powerful and powerfully moving and insightful AFTER AUSCHWITZ, and BENJAMIN NOLOT talking the […]

Episode 165

Behind the Lens: Show# 165

We’re putting the pedal to the metal on this episode of BEHIND THE LENS with writer/director/producer DEON TAYLOR talking everything TRAFFIK.  Already an established, and admittedly self-taught, director, TRAFFIK is completely representative of Deon as a […]

Episode 164

Behind the Lens: Show# 164

It’s that time! Time again for the TCM CLASSIC FILM FESTIVAL and to help get everyone in the mood (as if anyone needs to be in the mood for classic […]

Episode 163

Behind the Lens: Show# 163

WOW! What a BEHIND THE LENS this week with special in-studio guests, special effects sound editor and founder of THE HOLLYWOOD SOUND MUSEUM  – STEVE LEE – PLUS, a surprise call-in guest AND a little golden boy named “Oscar” is on hand to brighten up the place! So much excitement, so much history, and so much fun we had to expand the show to 90 minutes!

Episode 162

Behind the Lens: Show# 162

A whole lotta love, a whole lotta fun, and an insightful look into our collective political past through personal tragedy.  There’s something for everyone on this episode of BEHIND THE LENS thanks to special guests ASHLEY BELL, TONY VIDAL, JAKE THOMAS, and our exclusive pre-recorded interview with JOHN CURRAN.

Episode 160

Behind the Lens: Show# 160

Listen now to a sweet-smelling potpourri of cinematic delights on this episode of BEHIND THE LENS thanks to our special guest, actor JOHN T. WOODS, and exclusive interviews with MAX WINKLER & ZOEY […]

Episode 161

Behind the Lens: Show# 161

It’s a breath of fresh air on this episode of BEHIND THE LENS as we welcome in the springtime with PAT MILLS, writer/director of the new indie comedy DON’T TALK TO IRENE, plus […]

Episode 159

Behind the Lens: Show# 159

Just say “YES” to this episode of BEHIND THE LENS as we welcome three special guests, directors BLAIR FOSTER and NED EHRBAR, plus fellow film critic, JOEL AMOS.

Episode 158

Behind the Lens: Show# 158

It’s a journey into the making of a musical fantasy/rock opera on BEHIND THE LENS with special guest LUKE SHIROCK talking about his new film, TOMMY BATTLES THE SILVER SEA DRAGON, while JOHANNES ROBERTS talks horror in our exclusive interview on THE STRANGERS: PREY AT NIGHT.

Episode 157

Behind the Lens: Show# 157

Who ya gonna call on for a day of legends on BEHIND THE LENS? How about DICK CAVETT, RAY PARKER JR, and FRAN STRINE for starters!

Episode 156

Behind the Lens: Show# 156

Dysfunction, hypochondria, and comedy are the watchwords for this episode of BEHIND THE LENS as we talk live with MICHELE REMSEN, MATT PORTER, and MAX AZULAY.

Episode 155

Behind the Lens: Show# 155

Listen now to a very special BEHIND THE LENS today with two passionate filmmakers – writer/director/actor JEFFREY S.S. JOHNSON and director MARK PELLINGTON – each with a film laced with different degrees of poignancy and reflection.