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Episode 142

Behind the Lens: Show# 142

We’re going “APE” on this episode of BEHIND THE LENS as we swing into awards season action with a pre-recorded exclusive interview with DAN LEMMON, Visual Effects Supervisor on WAR FOR THE PLANET […]

Episode 141

Behind the Lens: Show# 141

BEHIND THE LENS is so “bad” it’s good as we celebrate BAD GRANDMAS with special guests, actor RANDALL BATINKOFF and director SRIKANT CHELLAPPA.  BAD GRANDMAS stars Batinkoff, Judge Reinhold, Pam Grier and Florence Henderson in her […]

Episode 140

Behind the Lens: Show# 140

It’s another exciting BEHIND THE LENS this week as we welcome writer/director DAVID BURKMAN, plus, hear film critic debbie elias’ exclusive interview with cinematographer ED LACHMAN.

Episode 139

Behind the Lens: Show# 139

It’s another big week on BEHIND THE LENS with in-studio guest, author CHARLES WEST McNULTY, plus author/screenwriter SIDDHARTH KARA calls in live.

Episode 138

Behind The Lens: Show #138

It’s a really big show on this episode of BEHIND THE LENS with powerhouse guests talking about some outstanding, affecting, and meaningful films. STEVEN ALLERICK is back with us and in the studio for the […]

Episode 137

Behind the Lens: Show #137

It’s time to get “lucky” on this episode of BEHIND THE LENS with the screenwriters of LUCKY – LOGAN SPARKS and DRAGO SUMONJA – who join us live! Plus hear excerpts of film critic debbie elias’ exclusive interview with LUCKY director JOHN CARROLL LYNCH! Listen […]