Meet tomorrow’s filmmakers today. The Discover Film podcast features interviews with the most promising new filmmakers on the festival circuit.  This podcast was born from the Q&A’s after film festival screenings, where filmmakers are limited to discussing projects that take years to produce in 10 minutes or less.  Discover Film allows host Jeff Howard to get to the heart of independent filmmaking.


Episode 31: DF4Q with Max Silver

Max Silver wrote and directed the great short Trunk Space, and you can watch that film and hear his Discover Film interview about it by clicking right here.  After the interview, I […]

Episode 30: Max Silver

Trunk Space is one of those shorts you watch and think, “I really really really hope these filmmakers get to make a feature film.  Soon.”  Honestly, the best part about […]

Episode 29

Episode 29: DF4Q with Caroline O’Brien & James Medeiros

It’s the Discover Film Four Questions. You’ve watched Puppet Life and listened to the great interview with the team that brought that great film to the screen.  Now find out the […]

Episode 27

Episode 28: James Medeiros & Caroline O’Brien

Every once in a while you see a comedy that is so smart, subversive and entertaining that it makes you forget the creators are dealing with the most sensitive political […]

Episode 27

Episode 27: DF4Q with Chris Fiore

I thought Chris was going to be the first documentarian to answer the DF4Q, but in his podcast interview I found out that he’s an award winning screenwriter and fine […]

Episode 26

Episode 26: Chris Fiore

Chris Fiore directed and produced the documentary short Goodwoman, which won a Grand Jury Prize at Film Invasion L.A. in 2016.  I wanted to know how he had the tools […]

Episode 25

Episode 25: DF4Q with Todd Wiseman Jr.

Based on his film Army of God, I had a feeling Todd was going to have excellent taste in films.  He didn’t let me down.  In fact, his pick for favorite […]

Episode 24

Episode 24: Todd Wiseman Jr.

Todd Wiseman Jr. is a very busy guy.  I first saw his film Army of God when the jury selected it to screen at Film Invasion L.A. in 2016.  He […]

Episode 23

Episode 23: DF4Q with Preston Peterson & Jason Boesch

Preston Peterson & Jason Boesch co-wrote and co-directed West Virginia Stories, a feature film that I consider much better than what is playing at the local multiplex.  I couldn’t wait to hear […]

Episode 22: Preston Peterson & Jason Boesch

I met filmmaking team Preston Peterson & Jason Boesch when their film West Virginia Stories won a Grand Jury Prize at Film Invasion L.A. in 2016.  Along with the other feature […]

Episode 21: DF4Q with Paulina Lagudi

Paulina Lagudi has been on both sides of a movie camera for a few years now, and in this DF4Q podcast she shows that great filmmakers also have great taste […]

Episode 20: Paulina Lagudi

Paulina Lagudi wrote and produced This Is How, an absolute audience favorite at Film Invasion Los Angeles 2016.  Most of the filmmakers who have come in for a Discover Film interview have […]