In a time when film criticism is as provocative as ever, Feelin’ Film ventures to change the discussion from what we hate about a film to what we love about it. We judge more on emotional experience than technical merit, because every movie makes us feel something.

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Episode 109

Episode 109: Score: A Film Music Documentary

Joining us for Episode 109 is a special first time guest – soundtrack superfan, and film music reporter and media reporter, Benson Farris. We discuss first-time director Matt Schrader’s Score: A Film Music Documentary, which was shot over a 2 1/2-year period after raising more than $160,000 through two crowd-funding campaigns.

Episode 108

Episode 108: The Karate Kid

Here in Episode 108, we try to strike fast, strike hard, and show no mercy

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Minisode 041: Grave of the Fireflies/Mary and the Witch’s Flower

In this special minisode, we kick-off Patrick’s “Summer of Anime” movie challenge by confronting the

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Connecting With Classics 004: Shane

For this departing month of April, we are pleased to present you a conversation about

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Episode 107

Episode 107: Avengers Infinity War

After 10 years and 18 films, Marvel’s ambitious, unique interconnected world of superhero films comes

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Minisode 040: Road to Perdition

Welcome to our April Donor Pick, Minisode 40, where we’ll be discussing Sam Mendes’ Road

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Episode 106

Episode 106: Moneyball

Baseball season is back so we’re celebrating the start of America’s favorite pastime by discussing Moneyball with Chad Hopkins from The Cinescope Podcast. It’s hard not to be romantic about baseball and we hope to capture that in this conversation about a wonderful film based on Michael Lewis’ book of the same name.  

Minisode 39: Lost in Translation

March was Women’s History Month and to honor that we asked our Patrons to choose from a list of female-directed films for the Donor Pick Episode. Sofia Coppola’s incredible LOST IN TRANSLATION came out on top and we were happy to discuss a film that gives us plenty to feel. 

Episode 105

Episode 105: Warrior

We square off in the octagon (aka Google Hangout) this week to talk Gavin O’Connor’s incredibly powerful fight film, Warrior. Its story of brothers chasing the same goal for very different reasons is told with an emotional depth that makes it stand out among similar films and evokes a powerful response from us both. 

Minisode 38: Crazy, Stupid, Love

In February we tasked our Patrons with choosing a romantic comedy for us to talk about in honor of Valentine’s Day and by a runaway vote, Crazy, Stupid, Love came out on top. We weren’t surprised, but we are thrilled because this resulted in one of our best conversations yet. We hope you enjoy this conversation!

FF+: The King of Kong

On this episode of FF+, Patrick and friend of the show Francisco Ruiz take a crack at walking through one of Patrick’s favorite types of storytelling: documentaries. Here they explore what makes a documentary entertaining, how real people can turn into heroes and villains, and why 80’s video games are the best ever. Hope you enjoy! (This episode was originally released on June 8, 2017 as part of a sister project called Feelin’ Film Plus. It is being re-uploaded to our main feed so that it is available again.)

Episode 104

Episode 104: A Quiet Place

This week we’re discussing the new horror thriller A Quiet Place a couple of weeks sooner than we planned after a surprise opening weekend in which it hauled in over $50 million. John Krasinski’s film is an intelligent, family-centered, emotionally-driven creature feature that is as great as it is unique. Joining us for this conversation is special first-time guest Patrick Willems, YouTube Video Creator and host of the We Heart Hartnett Podcast.