In a time when film criticism is as provocative as ever, Feelin’ Film ventures to change the discussion from what we hate about a film to what we love about it. We judge more on emotional experience than technical merit, because every movie makes us feel something.

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Connecting With Classics 002: Casablanca

Here in Episode 2 of “Connecting With Classics”, Aaron, Don, and guest host Josh from LSG Media’s Science Fiction Film Podcast celebrate Valentine’s Day by discussing a film that is considered […]

Episode 97: Miracle

The 2018 Winter Olympics are in full swing as we get together to discuss a film about one of the greatest upsets in sports history, the United States victory over […]

Episode 96: I, Tonya

This week we start our two-week long celebration of the Winter Olympics by chatting about I, Tonya, the new mockumentary style film from director Craig Gillespie. The film seeks to […]

Episode 95: Full Metal Jacket

Our final week of Kubrick Month has arrived and we wrap things up by having a conversation about the movie that gave us the great director’s take on the Vietnam […]

Minisode 37: District 9

Every once in a great while a film comes along with science fiction ideas that are fresh and reinvigorating to the genre. Director Neill Blomkamp’s feature film, District 9, is […]

Episode 94: Dr. Strangelove

It’s Week 3 of Kubrick Month and we turn our attention to the director’s version of comedy. Dark, satirical comedy as it may be. Dr. Strangelove Or: How I Learned To […]

Connecting With Classics 001: All the President’s Men

Welcome, listeners new and old, to the first episode of our new series “Connecting With Classics.” In this initial episode, Aaron & Don discuss the #77 film on AFI’s Top […]

Episode 93: 2001: A Space Odyssey

This week we continue Kubrick Month by looking at the director’s science fiction masterpiece. Is 2001: A Space Odyssey just an artistic marvel or is it also a genuinely entertaining […]

Episode 92: The Shining

Happy kick-off to Kubrick Month, listeners. In this first episode of 2018 we begin our celebration of the director by discussing his masterful horror film, The Shining. Also on this episode […]

Episode 91: The Greatest Showman

We wanted to open up 2018 with a bang, so we called in That Guy Named John from the About to Review podcast to have a lively discussion with us […]

Minisode 35: 2017 Year in Review

In this special SPOILER FREE “minisode,” we wrap up the year by discussing some of our favorite things about 2017. Instead of just a top ten list of favorite films, we […]

Episode 90: Arthur Christmas

It’s all about Santa’s extended family and a modern Christmas for our holiday episode this year and we hope this episode finds you smiling as much as we did during […]