As informative as half- assery permits, our three heroes Trent, Dre, & Beanie podcast from Dallas, Tx about film and everything film related. Their podcast, F is for Film, is the audio equivalent to kicking back in your friend’s basement, sipping some brews, and talking about movies. Tune-in weekly for movie and television reviews, news, and laughs.


Episode 62

Episode 62: Black Mirror Season 4

This week the boys go out of the blue and into the black…black mirror that is. TIME STAMPS Crazy Famous available for Pre-Order on iTunes WATCHED 8:42 NEWS: 35:09 TRAILERS: […]

BONUS EPISODE: The Shape of Water

This week the boys wet their whistles… Shape of water, we cover The Shape of Water. TIME STAMPS MAIN: o:45 SPOILERS: 8:47 If you want to touch base with us, […]

Episode 61

Episode 61: Black Christmas VS Silent Night Deadly Night

Since the boys and I took off for Christmas this week we didn’t leave you with out a gift. We did our monthly VS episode over which Christmas horror flick was […]

Episode 60

Episode 60: THE LAST JEDI

This week the boys and I dove into the latest entry in the Star Wars sagaverse. Check it out and touch base with us to let us know your thoughts […]

Episode 59

Episode 59: The Disaster Artist

This got real akward real fast! Join the gang and it’s favorite tag-along while we dive into the Disaster Artist! TIME STAMPS WATCHED: 7:53 NEWS: 28:12 TRAILERS: 46:01 MAIN: 1:10:33 […]

Episode 58

Episode 58: Lady Bird

This week the boys go some insight into the life and mind of Greta Gerwig. Check it out and let us know your thoughts! TIME STAMPS WATCHED: 4:53 NEWS: 24:06 […]

Episode 57

Episode 57: Coco

This week the boys visit the dead in Pixar’s all new movie Coco. tune your ear guitar’s up to catch our thoughts.

BONUS EPISODE: The Punisher (2017)

The boys and myself thought why not give a little extra this week. It is Thanksgiving tomorrow. We discussed the new Marvel Netflix property The Punisher. So relax with the […]

Episode 56

Episode 56: Justice League (2017)

Justice League has come and gone, but that didn’t stop the boys from chiming in to say our piece. TIME STAMPS WATCHED: 1:18 NEWS: 32:55 TRAILERS: 55:30 MAIN: 1:13:17 SPOILERS: […]

Episode 55

Episode 55: The Wailing VS Audition

Fighting with friends and family is what makes this life worth living. So this week we had to call in the big guns A.K.A. Sara to fight out which Asian […]

Episode 54


This week the boys went to see the new Thor movie and it was a riot. We also briefly talked a little about a movie we are reviewing in our […]

Episode 53

Episode 53: Stranger Things season 2

Strap in boys and girls, this week the boys went back to Hawkins and spent over two hours unpacking it. TIME STAMPS WATCHED: 2:59 NEWS: 21:49 TRAILERS: 43:07 MAIN: 51:49 […]