As informative as half- assery permits, our three heroes Trent, Dre, & Beanie podcast from Dallas, Tx about film and everything film related. Their podcast, F is for Film, is the audio equivalent to kicking back in your friend’s basement, sipping some brews, and talking about movies. Tune-in weekly for movie and television reviews, news, and laughs.


Episode 34

Episode 34: FLATLINERS (1990)

This episode the boys play with the pulse for a bit after seeing the reboot’s trailer, we decided to talk about the original. TIME STAMPS WATCHED: 2:47 NEWS: 20:00 TRAILERS: […]

Episode 33

Episode 33: THE MUMMY

This week we were a man short, but we decided to unwrap THE MUMMY anyway. It went as well as covering a reboot of a reboot goes. TIME STAMPS WATCHED: […]

Episode 32

Episode 32: Wonder Woman

This week the boys saw Wonder Woman, but they brought a lady along to talk about it. Thank you miss Sara for stopping by and giving us you thoughts. One […]

Episode 31

Episode 31: The Lost City of Z

This week the boys went looking for The Lost City of Z… nah we just watched it. TIME STAMPS WATCHED: 1:57 NEWS: 24:04 TRAILERS: 43:35 MAIN: 56:03 SPOILERS: 1:05:00 If […]

Episode 30

Episode 30: ALIEN Covenant

This week the boys tried their best to calmly discuss the newest addition to the ALIEN franchise. TIME STAMPS WATCHED: 1:21 NEWS: 25:01 TRAILERS: 54:32 MAIN: 1:03:49 SPOILERS: 1:05:46 If you want […]

Episode 29

Episode 29: King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

This week the boys pulled not only the sword from stone, but a good conversation to go with along side. As always spoilers listed below. TIME STAMPS WATCHED:0:24 NEWS: 16:07 […]

Episode 28

Episode 28: Guardians Vol. 2

This week the boys got a little sauced mainly Trent, but let’s not get into who did what with any amount of booze. We watched Guardians Vol. 2 and it […]

Episode 27

Episode 27: Your Name.

This week on the show two of the boys watched the popular anime Your Name. TIME STAMPS WATCHED: 0:23 NEWS: 9:31 TRAILERS: 35:16 MAIN: 49:18 SPOILERS: 55:48 If you want […]

Episode 26: Colossal

This week we cover Colossal, the movie we should all watch… TIME STAMPS WATCHED  1:40 NEWS 29:37 TRAILERS 49:08 MAIN 55:33 SPOILERS 59:18 If you want to touch base with […]

Episode 25: Fate of the Furious

This week we went in on the eighth installment in the fast and always furious bunch. enjoy peeps! and get at us on our socials  TIME STAMPS WATCHED  1:20 NEWS […]

Episode 24: 13 Reasons Why

This week the boys cherish the little things, and also talk about the NETFLIX original series 13 Reasons Why.  TIME STAMPS WATCHED  1:26 NEWS 28:26 TRAILERS 41:17 MAIN 53:21 SPOILERS […]

Episode 23: Ghost in the Shell

This week the boys discussed a lot, mainly Ghost in the Shell. Remember people times stamps below in case you haven’t seen it yet.  TIME STAMPS WATCHED  0:45 NEWS 16:40 […]