As informative as half- assery permits, our three heroes Trent, Dre, & Beanie podcast from Dallas, Tx about film and everything film related. Their podcast, F is for Film, is the audio equivalent to kicking back in your friend’s basement, sipping some brews, and talking about movies. Tune-in weekly for movie and television reviews, news, and laughs.


Episode 8: Home Alone VS Scrooged

The week the boys are giving you an early (insert your holiday here) present. We are giving you a early VS episode due to Rogue One’s release. Enjoy our some […]

Episode 7: Die Hard/ West World

This week the boys cover Die Hard and West World, full spoilers audience! We also included Dre’s drunken thoughts on Rollerball, so if you’re worried about the time length his […]

Episode 6: Predator VS Aliens(1986)

This week Beanie and Dre duke it out, while Trent sits back and watches. The boys in the ring, are arguing between which of the two late 80’s action/horror films […]

Episode 5: Day 5

This week the boys cover a show by the company Rooster Teeth called Day 5. Normally we like to do Non-spoilers and then spoilers, but we kind of jumped around […]

Episode 4: ARRIVAL

This week we cover the film ARRIVAL and heavily debate the film and all it’s extra-terrestrial merits.  TIME STAMPS -RECENTLY WATCHED- 0:29.165 -NEWS- 0:9:12 -MAIN- 49:09.097 -SPOILERS- 1:12:57 LINK TO […]

Episode 3: Doctor Strange

This week the boys jump into Doctor Strange, and cover a lot of news. Don’t worry if you haven’t seen it yet, we do NON spoilers, prior to the juicy […]

Episode 2: Black Mirror

This week the boys dive into the blackest of mirrors. We talk about our favorite/ most memorable episodes from all three seasons. We cover a few other honorable mentions as […]

Episode 1: Halloween VS Scream

This is the very first episode of the F is For Film podcast. In this episode they boys cover some news and try to figure out if Halloween is a […]