As informative as half- assery permits, our three heroes Trent, Dre, & Beanie podcast from Dallas, Tx about film and everything film related. Their podcast, F is for Film, is the audio equivalent to kicking back in your friend’s basement, sipping some brews, and talking about movies. Tune-in weekly for movie and television reviews, news, and laughs.


Episode 4: ARRIVAL

This week we cover the film ARRIVAL and heavily debate the film and all it’s extra-terrestrial merits.  TIME STAMPS -RECENTLY WATCHED- 0:29.165 -NEWS- 0:9:12 -MAIN- 49:09.097 -SPOILERS- 1:12:57 LINK TO […]

Episode 3: Doctor Strange

This week the boys jump into Doctor Strange, and cover a lot of news. Don’t worry if you haven’t seen it yet, we do NON spoilers, prior to the juicy […]

Episode 2: Black Mirror

This week the boys dive into the blackest of mirrors. We talk about our favorite/ most memorable episodes from all three seasons. We cover a few other honorable mentions as […]

Episode 1: Halloween VS Scream

This is the very first episode of the F is For Film podcast. In this episode they boys cover some news and try to figure out if Halloween is a […]