The Horror Hoes, Dee and Patti, discuss all things horror, including media (films, video games, and literature), true crime, spooky history and other randomness that happens to pop into their boozed-up brains.  Somehow these “ladies” combine horror, history, morbid curiosity and comedy into one freaking awesome podcast!


Episode 6


Seizure porn, best friend ear infections, spraying bug spray into children’s eyes, The Ruins, and Michael Myers/JLC orgies. We also unveil our new website,

HH S2 EP5: The Happening

Tentacle Porn, tastiest body part debate, The Happening discussion, & the family that electrocutes together, stays together.

HH S2 EP4: Hell

Dee & Patti review Hell (2011.) We also play horror trivia, and talk new and upcoming horror films.

Episode 15

HH S2 EP3: The Road

On this episode, Dee & Patti talk about one of the most depressing post apocalyptic films ever, The Road.

HH S2EP2: This is the End

Dee is joined by special guest Ben, of Faklandia Brewing for Episode 2 of Apocalypse month. We chat about the different beers they brew before talking about This is the End.

HH S2EP1: I Am Legend

Welcome to Season 2! This month we’ll be diving into The Apocalypse. We begin with I Am Legend, we play the horror version of “Would You Rather,” answer voicemail questions, and talk about upcoming horror films.

Episode 31

HH Ep. 31: H.H. Holmes

Michelle, a Shaker’s Cigar Bar tour guide, joins us on her birthday to talk about her paranormal experiences and the life of H.H. Holmes. H.H. Holmes was America’s first known serial killer. We talk about his torture devices and his murder castle in Chicago. Going forward, the Horror Hoes will be changing the format to allow for more listener interaction. This concludes Season 1. Stay tuned for Season 2, coming to you at the end of April!

Episode 30

HH Ep. 30: Insane Asylum

ASYLUMS! Dee & Patti interview Noah, a Shaker’s employee, and talk to him about his experience with spirits. We are also joined by a special guest, Leah, Patti’s sister! We talk about Dead Girl, Gothika, House on Haunted Hill, The Ward, and Session 9. We talk about the many famous insane asylums throughout history including Waverly Hills, Trans-Allegheny, Pennhurst Asylum, and The Byberry Mental Hospital.

Episode 29

HH Ep. 29: Jack the Ripper

Dee & Patti interview tour guides and Mediums from Shaker’s, Milwaukee’s Haunted Cigar Bar. We also talk about the history of Jack the Ripper, Jack theories & myths, and upcoming horror films & video games.

Episode 28

Ep. 28: The Conjuring

Dee, Patti & special guest Ben talk about the Conjuring series, Ed & Lorraine Warren, and the upcoming Doctor Sleep film.

Episode 27

Ep. 27: Killer Clowns

CLOWNS, CLOWNS, CLOWNS! Dee & Patti talk famous killer clowns, killer clown movies, and John Wayne Gacy – a killer clown from Illinois who murdered more than 33 young boys and men and buried them in his crawl space from 1972 – 1978.

Episode 26

HH Ep. 26: Parody Horror

Patti & Dee talk about their favorite parody horror films along with a special guest! Patti describes her experience in the Shaker’s Cellar where she saw the leg of an apparent spirit, and we talk about upcoming HH events.