The Horror Hoes, Dee and Patti, discuss all things horror, including media (films, video games, and literature), true crime, spooky history and other randomness that happens to pop into their boozed-up brains.  Somehow these “ladies” combine horror, history, morbid curiosity and comedy into one freaking awesome podcast!


Episode 10

HH Ep. 10: Cults

On Episode 10: Cults, Dee & Patti talk about freaky cults in pop culture, such as Charles Manson’s “The Family,” Jim Jones’ “Peoples Temple” and “Heaven’s Gate.” The movies we cover are The Invitation, The Sacrament, The House of the Devil, and The Village.

Interview with David Briggs – Northern Frights Festival

The Horror Hoes talk with David Briggs of The Northern Frights Festival!!

Episode 9

HH Ep. 9: Ghosts

Like scary ghost stories!? Don’t miss this episode!! Dee & Patti talk about their own personal REAL LIFE ghost stories, chat about their favorite ghost films, give a book review of “Elementals” and review the video game “Fatal Frame.”

Episode 8

HH Ep. 8: Zombies but Not Zombies

Dee, Patti, and special guest Dawn talk your ear off – loudly – about ZOMBIES BUT NOT ZOMBIES! Real life stories based on “zombie drugs” come into play, we chat briefly about Dead Rising 3, and Patti gives us a book review on Cold Moon Over Babylon.

Episode 7

HH Ep. 7: Slasher Films

Dee & Frank chat about the slasher genre, Friday the 13th: The Game for Xbox One, upcoming slasher films including Chucky, The Strangers 2, Happy Death Day, Halloween, & Friday the 13th.

Episode 6

HH Ep. 6: Slenderman

Episode 6 – Slenderman documentary!

Episode 5.5

HH Ep. 5.5: Possession is 9/10ths of the Law Pt. 2

PART 2 of Ep. 5. More possession talk!

Episode 5

HH Ep. 5 Possession is 9/10ths of the Law Pt. 1

Dee & Patti talk about possessions on Episode 5, Part 1!

Episode 4

HH Ep. 4 Killer Kids: Whiskey and WTF?

HH Ep. 4 Killer Kids: Whiskey and WTF?

Episode 3

HH Ep. 3 Killer Moms: A Mother’s Day Episode!

Patti & Dee invite their moms to a special Mother’s Day episode where they talk about killer moms in horror films. Included: Plants vs. Zombies, Friday the 13th, Halloween costume jokes, Carrie, Mama, and our drink of the day: Candy Corn Momosa!

Episode 2

HH Ep. 2 When You’re From Wisconsin, You Either Kill People or Start a Podcast

We get a little more gory in Episode 2. Dee & Patti talk about Wisconsin serial killers, The Dark Tower series, State of Decay for XBOX ONE, upcoming horror flicks, and body parts.