Horror Movie Survival Guide is a weekly podcast where two unlikely gorehounds delve into their Horror Movie Notebook from college, in which they meticulously kept track of every film they watched in the horror movie section of their old local video store, in their quest to learn how to survive, and to ensure they end up as “the final girl”.

Join Julia and Marion as they revisit the classic and obscure horror VHS they viewed and logged in their notebook, breaking each movie down one by one, geeking out over all the ghastly minutia, and ultimately illuminating the path to survival.


Episode 37

Tales from the Darkside “I loathe Zuni aesthetics”

1990’s Tales from the Darkside is a star studded, gory, ghastly and great anthology horror film, with Stephen King being represented again, as well as Arthur Conan Doyle. Julianne Moore […]

Episode 36

Cat’s Eye “Play it faster!”

A triple dose of Stephen King 1985’s Cat’s Eye continues our look into the sub-genre of anthology horror, with three grisly tales for the price of one, united by a […]

Episode 35

Creepshow “Call me Billie, everyone does.”

When George Romero, Tom Savini and Stephen King team up for a horror anthology film, you know you’re in for a gory good time! 5 mini movies in one, each […]

Episode 34

The People Under the Stairs “Run, fool!”

Written and directed by Wes Craven, this film is an exercise in surface normality hiding a wealth of perversion and violence, brought to you by Everett McGill and Wendy Robie! […]

Episode 33

Jaws “Amity means friendship”

Steven Spielberg changed summer movie going (and ocean swimming) forever with his 1975 blockbuster, starring Roy Scheider, Richard Dreyfuss and Robert Shaw. A notoriously horrific shoot somehow was transformed into […]

Episode 32

Pumpkinhead (1988) “Nothing can call it off.”

Stan Winston’s directorial debut is a grim fairy tale involving a bitchin’ vengeance demon (come on, it’s Stan Winston! You KNOW the monster effects will rock) and Lance Henricksen! This […]

Episode 31

Bram Stoker’s Dracula “Canapé Dr. Seward?”

Francis Ford Coppola uses every camera trick in the director’s book for this lush, opulent, sexy version of Dracula – and if Gary Oldman as Dracula doesn’t lure you in […]

Episode 30

In The Mouth of Madness “I am not insane!”

John Carpenter’s little seen 1994 flick In the Mouth of Madness stars everyone’s favorite Sam Neill as a insurance agent drawn into a mind melting Lovercraftian horror courtesy of the […]

Episode 29

Child’s Play “This is the end, friend.”

Tom Holland’s 1988 film is the beginning of another iconic horror franchise – everyone’s favorite serial killer possessed Good Guy doll – Chucky! Gore factor of 2 Buckets of Blood. […]

Episode 28

Psycho “Let’s all talk about Marion, shall we?”

Psycho is known as Hitchcock’s masterpiece for a reason – the film is flawless. From outstanding opening title sequences to brilliant camerawork, from breath taking performances to iconic shower scenes […]

Episode 27

Friday the 13th “It’s got a death curse!”

Sean S. Cunningham’s horror classic Friday the 13th influence on the horror genre cannot be exaggerated. Often imitated but never duplicated (not even by any of its own sequels), the […]

Episode 26

House “It’s me! The grocery boy!”

Made by horror movie royalty – story by Fred Dekker, produced by Sean S. Cunningham and directed by Steve Miner, this film is a special effects delight, with lots of […]