Horror Movie Survival Guide is a weekly podcast where two unlikely gorehounds delve into their Horror Movie Notebook from college, in which they meticulously kept track of every film they watched in the horror movie section of their old local video store, in their quest to learn how to survive, and to ensure they end up as “the final girl”.

Join Julia and Marion as they revisit the classic and obscure horror VHS they viewed and logged in their notebook, breaking each movie down one by one, geeking out over all the ghastly minutia, and ultimately illuminating the path to survival.


Episode 29

Child’s Play “This is the end, friend.”

Tom Holland’s 1988 film is the beginning of another iconic horror franchise – everyone’s favorite serial killer possessed Good Guy doll – Chucky! Gore factor of 2 Buckets of Blood. […]

Episode 28

Psycho “Let’s all talk about Marion, shall we?”

Psycho is known as Hitchcock’s masterpiece for a reason – the film is flawless. From outstanding opening title sequences to brilliant camerawork, from breath taking performances to iconic shower scenes […]

Episode 27

Friday the 13th “It’s got a death curse!”

Sean S. Cunningham’s horror classic Friday the 13th influence on the horror genre cannot be exaggerated. Often imitated but never duplicated (not even by any of its own sequels), the […]

Episode 26

House “It’s me! The grocery boy!”

Made by horror movie royalty – story by Fred Dekker, produced by Sean S. Cunningham and directed by Steve Miner, this film is a special effects delight, with lots of […]

Episode 25

Happy New Year Mini-Sode

Marion and Julia list the horror movies they are most excited to revisit in the coming year. We can tell that there is already some disagreements and some squeamishness on […]

Episode 24

Merry Scary Christmas

Merry Christmas from Horror Movie Survival Guide. We made a mini-episode where we talk about Christmas horror flix we love, and some we hate. Thanks for listening and have a […]

Episode 23

The Frighteners “My body is a roadmap of pain!”

Peter Jackson having fun – and who doesn’t love that?

Episode 22

Waxwork “They’ll make a movie about anything these days.”

A fun romp with a great mid 80’s cast – including Zach Galligan, Deborah Foreman, David Warner and John Rhys Davies – this film is like several genre films all […]

Episode 21

American Werewolf in London (1981) “See you next Wednesday!”

John Landis’ 1981 rock em sock em balls out werewolf flick is the standard to which all other werewolf films are set. The perfect blend of horror and comedy, with […]

Episode 20

Carrie “Dirty Pillows”

Where would Stephen King be without Brian De Palma’s 1976 tour de force adaptation of his first novel, Carrie? The movie launched King to stardom, along with a few other […]

Episode 19

Silver Bullet “Part human. Part wolf. Total terror.”

If watching Corey Haim chase werewolves in a souped up wheelchair named Silver Bullet doesn’t float your boat, how about if we add Gary Busey into the mix as a […]

Episode 18

Salem’s Lot “He commands it.”

Tobe Hooper’s adaptation of Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot was released not in theaters, but on televisions back in 1979. When someone as legendary as James Mason stars as a servant […]