Horror Movie Survival Guide is a weekly podcast where two unlikely gorehounds delve into their Horror Movie Notebook from college, in which they meticulously kept track of every film they watched in the horror movie section of their old local video store, in their quest to learn how to survive, and to ensure they end up as “the final girl”.

Join Julia and Marion as they revisit the classic and obscure horror VHS they viewed and logged in their notebook, breaking each movie down one by one, geeking out over all the ghastly minutia, and ultimately illuminating the path to survival.


Episode 13

Night of the Living Dead “They Are Coming To Get You Barbra”

Horror legend George Romero single handedly kicked off the zombie genre with his 1968’s tour de force, Night of the Living Dead.

Episode 12

The Changeling “My Medal”

When your main character is someone as tough as George C. Scott, you know your ghost better be bringing his A game. And so he does in this based on a true story, light on gore but heavy on atmosphere flick from 1980.

Episode 11

Evil Dead “Shut It Off”

Sam Raimi’s 1981 goofy, crazy, inventive horror classic is a joy to watch and talk about.

Episode 10

Lady in White “Did You Ever See A Dream Walking?”

Lukas Haas stars in this little seen 1988 ghost story, where a little boy suddenly becomes part of a hunt for a serial killer who only targets children. But who is the mysterious Lady in White who roams the cliffs? Listen to find out!

Episode 9

Poltergeist “Cross Over Children. All Are Welcome.”

Marion and Julia discuss Tobe Hooper’s 1982 horror classic Poltergeist, in all of its gory, ghostly glory. A PG film in which a man rips his own face off, there’s lots to talk about with this flick!

Episode 8

Cutting Class “To Be Or Not To Be. Eat Me Dwight.”

Donovan Leitch…and who? Brad Pitt? Nah…Donovan Leitch stars in the little seen teen slasher flick Cutting Class, with Julia and Marion bringing it back into the light.

Episode 7

Candy Man “The Pain will be Exquisite”

We dare you to listen to this episode on the urban legend fueled flick Candyman, and if you’re a true gorehound like us, we promise sweets to the sweet.

Episode 6

Shriek of the Mutilated “White Meat, or Dark?”

The superbly titled Shriek of the Mutilated is the subject of this week’s episode, with Marion and Julia squeezing every groovy drop out of this shlockfest.

Episode 5

Jacob’s Ladder “New York is Hell”

Julia and Marion chat about Adrian Lyne’s 1990 psychological mind buster Jacob’s Ladder. Be prepared for much Tim Robbins and Danny Aiello love….and lots of demons.

Episode 4

Dead Alive “Tu madre se comió mi perro.”

Marion and Julia talk about Peter Jackson’s insane 1992 splatstick flick, Dead Alive. More gore – and more laughs – than you can shake a (bloody) stick at, this film […]

Episode 3

The Exorcist “The Power of Christ Compels You”

The power of Christ compels you…to listen to this episode where Julia and Marion delve into the 1973 extreme horror classic, The Exorcist. Beautifully written, shot and acted, and scary […]

Episode 2

Final Exam “Mmmm…..Shades of Watergate”

Join Marion and Julia as they discuss the little seen 1981 horror flick, Final Exam, which not only involves one of the greatest horror characters ever written (Radish ROCKS) but […]