What do you get when you combine 5 random individuals together to talk about horror? Music City Horror! After meeting through various avenues of social media and real life, the group realized they all shared a passion for horror. So they decided to talk about it once a week and tape it! This is the on going conversations of 5 horror fans talking about horror.


Episode 12

Music City Horror Episode 12

We bring you new releases and then dive into the topic of women in horror. We also have a special guest host, the lovely Diana Prince!

Episode 11

Music City Horror Episode 11

On this week’s episode of Music City Horror, we discuss movies and tv shows we are most looking forward to in 2018.

Episode 10

Music City Horror Episode 10

Our 2017 year end review!

Episode 9

Music City Horror Episode 9

We interview the lovely Linnea Quigley and discuss new releases.

Episode 8

Music City Horror Episode 8

We discuss some new and upcoming releases and then dive into the world of Stranger Things. Spoilers ahead!

Episode 7

Music City Horror Episode 7

We interview the legend Michael Berryman. We discuss The Hills Have Eyes, The Crow, X-Files, Star Trek and crazy stories during the making of One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. […]

Episode 6

Music City Horror Episode 6

We discuss new things, our Halloween costumes and then praise the king of horror, Stephen King.

Episode 5

Music City Horror Episode 5

New releases, David S Pumpkins, Roman Reigns, dreamy guys and sub genres of horror!

Episode 4

Music City Horror Episode 4

We discuss a big list of new releases, and dive in to our favorite reboots and remakes!

Episode 3

Music City Horror Episode 3

We discuss new releases, Friday the 13th, local happenings for the Halloween season and our guilty pleasures!

Episode 2

Music City Horror Episode 2

We discuss some of the latest releases, discuss our favorite Halloween traditions, and give shoutouts to some other podcasts we love!

Episode 1

Music City Horror Episode 1

We introduce ourselves and discuss IT, as well as the resurgence of horror.