What do you get when you combine 5 random individuals together to talk about horror? Music City Horror! After meeting through various avenues of social media and real life, the group realized they all shared a passion for horror. So they decided to talk about it once a week and tape it! This is the on going conversations of 5 horror fans talking about horror.


Episode 7

Music City Horror Episode 7

We interview the legend Michael Berryman. We discuss The Hills Have Eyes, The Crow, X-Files, Star Trek and crazy stories during the making of One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. […]

Episode 6

Music City Horror Episode 6

We discuss new things, our Halloween costumes and then praise the king of horror, Stephen King.

Episode 5

Music City Horror Episode 5

New releases, David S Pumpkins, Roman Reigns, dreamy guys and sub genres of horror!

Episode 4

Music City Horror Episode 4

We discuss a big list of new releases, and dive in to our favorite reboots and remakes!

Episode 3

Music City Horror Episode 3

We discuss new releases, Friday the 13th, local happenings for the Halloween season and our guilty pleasures!

Episode 2

Music City Horror Episode 2

We discuss some of the latest releases, discuss our favorite Halloween traditions, and give shoutouts to some other podcasts we love!

Episode 1

Music City Horror Episode 1

We introduce ourselves and discuss IT, as well as the resurgence of horror.