In a world of box-office blockbusters and binge-watching, a trio of friends have assembled together to watch everything ever created. They are The Screen Addicts and they are here to deliver a podcast that is insightful, comical and the greatest sound your ears will ever hear. Prepare to empty your DVRs and watch queues, as the Screen Addicts Podcast is here to be your guide.


Episode 106

Whatever Screen Addicts can do, women can do better! Ep.106

With the release of Ocean’s Eight in theatres, the Screen Addicts were wondering what other male dominated films would work with an all female cast. We also have a ton […]

Episode 105

Are these re-runs the Screen Addicts have been watching? Ep. 105

The Screen Addicts have been channel surfing and noticed a lot of returning television series. It made us wonder what shows we feel like should have another go at it!

Episode 104

The Origins of the Screen Addicts Ep.104

On this week’s episode, the Screen Addicts were inspired by the release of the origin/prequel Solo and run down a list of film characters that we would want to see a prequel backstory.

Episode 103

Deadpool has recruited the Screen Addicts for the X-Force. Ep. 103

Since we didn’t succeed as X-Men trainees, we have decided to do what we do best. And that is talk about movies, much like this week, where we review Deadpool 2.

Episode 102

The Screen Addicts present the 2018 Summer Movie Preview

On ep. 102, we present our 3rd Annual Summer Movie Preview filled with all of the intrigue, excitement and astonishing thrills you would come to expect from the Screen Addicts. Save us a seat to some of these summer popcorn flicks.

Episode 101

The Screen Addicts are fighting their way through the Infinity War

On ep. 101, we go digging for some infinity stones, so that we can properly review this past weekend’s box office hit, Avengers: Infinity War. Spoilers are abound as we give our insights, favorite moments, surprising twists and our predictions for where the sequel may be taking us.

The Screen Addicts present their Centennial Extravaganza

Come and celebrate with us as we have made it to our 100th episode. we have had so many great memories doing this show, so we get a little personal. For our topic, we discuss our favorite memories watching motion pictures and television series. We also open with our customary “Recently Watched” and “Headline” segments. Thank you for listening. Cheers to a hundred more!

Episode 99

The Screen Addicts are very disappointed on Ep. 99

There were so many movies and TV shows that we were excited for, but failed to live up to expectations. We had to vent and give our lists of the […]

Episode 98

The Screen Addicts tickle your funny bone in Ep.98

This week’s episode has us in stitches as we run down our favorite scenes of comedy that make us bust out into uncontrollable laughter. To start off this barrel of laughs we review the new Netflix comedy ‘Game Over Man’

Episode 97

The Screen Addicts celebrate Spielberg as the enter the Oasis in Ep. 97

The Screen Addicts enter into the many worlds created by the visionary director, Steven Spielberg as we list off our favorite works of his as well as review his recent film, ‘Ready Player One’

The Screen Addicts battle the robots in Ep. 96

The Screen Addicts are getting reprogrammed as they unveil their prototypes and list their favorite on-screen robots. After their machines have taken over the world, they will find a way […]

Episode 95

The Screen Addicts are playing Matchmaker in Ep. 95

The Screen Addicts are all back together just in time to pair up the actor and actress duos we would like to see in an Action/Adventure film. For our “Indie Flick Fix” we take a quick Louisiana swamp tour and review the newest entry in the ‘Hatchet’ series ‘Victor Crowley’