In a world of box-office blockbusters and binge-watching, a trio of friends have assembled together to watch everything ever created. They are The Screen Addicts and they are here to deliver a podcast that is insightful, comical and the greatest sound your ears will ever hear. Prepare to empty your DVRs and watch queues, as the Screen Addicts Podcast is here to be your guide.


Episode 99

The Screen Addicts are very disappointed on Ep. 99

There were so many movies and TV shows that we were excited for, but failed to live up to expectations. We had to vent and give our lists of the […]

The Screen Addicts tickle your funny bone in Ep.98

This week’s episode has us in stitches as we run down our favorite scenes of comedy that make us bust out into uncontrollable laughter. To start off this barrel of […]

Episode 97

The Screen Addicts celebrate Spielberg as the enter the Oasis in Ep. 97

The Screen Addicts enter into the many worlds created by the visionary director, Steven Spielberg as we list off our favorite works of his as well as review his recent film, ‘Ready Player One’

The Screen Addicts battle the robots in Ep. 96

The Screen Addicts are getting reprogrammed as they unveil their prototypes and list their favorite on-screen robots. After their machines have taken over the world, they will find a way […]

Episode 95

The Screen Addicts are playing Matchmaker in Ep. 95

The Screen Addicts are all back together just in time to pair up the actor and actress duos we would like to see in an Action/Adventure film. For our “Indie Flick Fix” we take a quick Louisiana swamp tour and review the newest entry in the ‘Hatchet’ series ‘Victor Crowley’

Episode 94

The Screen Addicts aren’t even supposed to be here today.

In Ep. 94, the Screen Addicts go fanboy crazy over filmmaker Kevin Smith. We make light of his medical scare, by celebrating our film-making and podcasting hero. We start by reviewing ‘Tusk’ for Indie Flick Fix. Listen, share and smoochie boochies!

Episode 93

And the Oscar goes to… The Screen Addicts Podcast. Ep. 93

The Screen Addicts are wearing their rental tuxedos as they review the 90th Academy Awards. We also decide to celebrate the best picture of the year, ‘The Shape of Water’ by reviewing it for our Indie Flick Fix. Now, hand me the envelope.

Episode 92

It’s Game Night with the Screen Addicts in Ep. 92

Grab your snacks, set up the table and join the Screen Addicts for a friendly game night! While we are rolling the dice, we talk about our favorite board games. We also review the twisted Nicholas Cage film ‘Mom & Dad’ for our “Indie Flick Fix.” Now who’s turn is it?

Episode 91

The Screen Addicts take a vacation to Wakanda Ep. 91

We take a knee to honor the new King of Wakanda during our review of ‘Black Panther.’ We take a more critical perspective of this culturally, ground-breaking MARVEL release.

Episode 90

The Screen Addicts Podcast is based on an actual podcast. Ep. 90

The true-life events are unfolding in episode 90, as the Screen Addicts drop their favorite films based on a true story. This episode was inspired by the much-anticipated film ‘Bomb […]

Episode 89

The Screen Addicts are Super Bowl Champions in Ep. 89.

We score a touchdown with our picks for our favorite football scenes in movies. We also put “My All-American” in the game for our Indie Flick Fix. We also discuss the movie trailers and commercials released during the Super Bowl, as well as quick review of the game itself. So join us on the gridiron and GAME ON!

Episode 88

The Screen Addicts have already started their spring cleaning. Ep.88

The Screen Addicts swept up all of their picks for what movies they want to see during the spring season. This is a stacked show as we are back to our regularly scheduled program, complete with our “recently watched” and “headlines” segments. The movies of 2018 have started to drop and we are here to make sure you don’t miss any.