In a world of box-office blockbusters and binge-watching, a trio of friends have assembled together to watch everything ever created. They are The Screen Addicts and they are here to deliver a podcast that is insightful, comical and the greatest sound your ears will ever hear. Prepare to empty your DVRs and watch queues, as the Screen Addicts Podcast is here to be your guide.


Episode 50

The Screen Addicts present the 2017 Summer Movie Preview

The summer movie season is upon us and the Screen Addicts give you a rundown of our picks and what you should and should not see. Get your popcorn boxes […]

Episode 49

The hills are alive with the sounds of Screen Addicts.

In honor of our co-host Steven returning to the world of musicals, the Screen Addicts have decided to start an acapella group, but first, we will sing out our favorite […]

Episode 48

Roads? Where the Screen Addicts are going, they don’t need roads.

Start your engines and buckle up, because the Screen Addicts are getting fast and furious with their mini-review of The Fate of the Furious. They also give a rundown of […]

Episode 47

The Screen Addicts Go Storm Chasing

Tornadoes, earthquakes, and volcanoes, oh my! On this week’s episode, the Screen Addicts predict the weather and draw up a forecast of our favorite films that involve a natural or […]

Episode 46

The Screen Addicts lay the Smackdown!

On the night after WrestleMania, we are joined by a special guest as we put on our gear, wear our championship belts and step into the squared circle as we […]

Episode 45

The Screen Addicts Tickle the Nostalgia Bone.

The Screen Addicts are waking up early on a Saturday morning to catch all of their favorite shows and cartoons. This week we go into the time machine and discuss […]

Episode 44

BOOMSHAKALAKA! The Screen Addicts are bringing it into the paint.

It’s March Madness for the Screen Addicts so lace up your sneakers and hit the courts as we try to beat the shot clock and shoot up our favorite basketball […]

Episode 43

The Screen Addicts have become the Monster Squad!

Ahhh, real monsters are everywhere! With Kong becoming king of the box office, the Screen Addicts were inspired to go monster hunting. This week, Jerimie, Steven and Chris run down […]

Episode 42

The Screen Addicts activate Weapon X!

On this week’s episode, your favorite Screen Addicts sharpen up their adamantium claws and slash their way through the brilliance that is ‘Logan’. (Spoilers) We also spread our joy for […]

Episode 41

And The Oscar Goes To!!

On this week’s episode, the Screen Addicts pay a quick tribute to the great Bill Paxton and then we put on our fancy tuxedos, walk down the red carpet and […]

Episode 40

What if this podcast isn’t even real?!?!

This week, the Screen Addicts hack into the Matrix on an exploding bus as we discuss our favorite Keanu Reeves’ flicks! Along with our weekly headlines and people who ruin […]

Episode 39

Love is in the air for the Screen Addicts

In this Episode, The Screen Addicts have been shot by Cupid’s arrows and filled with love! For this Valentine’s season, they share their deep feelings about their favorite romantic movies. […]