In a world of box-office blockbusters and binge-watching, a trio of friends have assembled together to watch everything ever created. They are The Screen Addicts and they are here to deliver a podcast that is insightful, comical and the greatest sound your ears will ever hear. Prepare to empty your DVRs and watch queues, as the Screen Addicts Podcast is here to be your guide.


Episode 5

Double O Who?

This week, the Screen Addicts are serving martinis, shaken and not stirred, as we try to figure out who should be the next James Bond. Play in new window […]

Episode 4

Screen Addicts Ep4 Must watch TV Shows

Adjust the rabbit ears on the TV, because there are some television shows you need to be watching. Allow the Screen Addicts be your guides! Play in new window […]

Episode 3

Screen Addicts Ep3 Solo Batman film pitch

Listen up Gotham City, because on this week’s episode, the Screen Addicts turn on the signal and summon The Batman to hear our pitches for what the new Bat-flick should […]

Episode 2

Screen Addicts Ep 2 Civil War Review

Suit up or grab your shield, because the Screen Addicts choose our sides as we review Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War. Play in new window | Download

Episode 1

Screen Addicts Ep1 Summer Movie Preview

On this ground-breaking first episode of the Screen Addicts, we dive straight into a summer movie preview and help guide you through a long list of the ones you need […]