In a world of box-office blockbusters and binge-watching, a trio of friends have assembled together to watch everything ever created. They are The Screen Addicts and they are here to deliver a podcast that is insightful, comical and the greatest sound your ears will ever hear. Prepare to empty your DVRs and watch queues, as the Screen Addicts Podcast is here to be your guide.


Episode 17

Favorite Martial Arts Movies

Our Favorite Martial Arts movies. Play in new window | Download

Episode 16

Fall Movie Preview

This week the Addicts take a look at what’s coming to the Sliver Screen this Fall Play in new window | Download

Episode 15

Taking you back to school!

The Addicts take you on a field trip back to school!! We list our favorite movies that have to do with school! Play in new window | Download

Episode 14

Are You Ready For Some Football!!!!

This week the Screen Addicts tackle some of the greatest Football Movies ever made!! Did your Favorite make the list? Play in new window | Download

Episode 13

The Screen Addicts are the best example of “Squad” goals.

Our Squad takes on The Suicide Squad in this amazing review!!! Play in new window | Download

Episode 12

To Sci-Fi or Not to Sci-Fi that is the question!!

The addicts flip around this week and give you a list of the crappiest SCI-Fi Movies ever made!! Play in new window | Download

Episode 11

Matt Damon is Bourne AGAIN!!!

This week your Addicts pay tribute to the one and only Matt Damon and list the top 3 Matt Movies!! Play in new window | Download

Episode 10

The Final Frontier is Really Big!!!

The “USS Screen Addict” boldly goes where no podcaster has gone before as we assemble a Star Fleet crew of our favorite Star Trek characters. Play in new window […]

Episode 9

Just Another REMAKE!!

The Screen Addicts give you some actual Remakes that were not all that bad! Play in new window | Download

Were our picks for UFC 200, right?

In this episode we take on the UFC 200 Card and the greatest fight scenes in Movies!! Did we make all the right picks? Play in new window | […]

Episode 8

Screen Addicts Ep.8 Game of Thrones Season 6 review

The Screen Addicts have paid their gold coins and ventured into Westeros for a review of season 6. We will be on the look-out for crazed princes, dragons and anyone […]

Episode 7

Screen Addicts Ep. 7 Animated Favorites

This week, the Screen Addicts draw up our all-time favorite animated films, whether it is on a canvas, or a computer. Unlock your inner child and listen to hear some […]