A weekly podcast on film, filmmaking, acting, and music. Host Jonathan A Moody chats with anyone and everyone in the entertainment industry thriving in the independent arts. His goal is to get everyone attention where they might not be able to.


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Episode 5

Episode 5: Donnie Sturges and Emily Malloch

Host Jonathan Moody chats with actor/producer Donnie Sturges and actress/make up artist Emily Malloch

Episode 4

Episode 4: Jonathan A Moody

This time host Jonathan Moody is the guest for the show! being Interviewed by Paul A Presenza ( @bigolmoocow )

Episode 3: Mariah Johnson

Jonathan Moody sat down and chatted with Make Up FX/actress/Director Mariah Johnson of Darkstone Entertainment and chatted about her film career so far.

Indie Film Cafe Episode 1: Prehistoric Bimbos in Armageddon City

Jonathan A Moody and Paul A Presenza bring you the first episode of Indie Film Cafe. Each month (on the first Monday of the Month) they will watch and discuss […]

Episode 2: Gordy Price

Jonathan Moody chats with Director/Actor Gordy Price (Music Store Massacre, The Devil’s Door) about his film career.

Episode 1

Episode 1: John Johnson

Jonathan Moody Interviews filmmaker/actor John Johnson (Plan 9, Skeleton Key Series).